Disney Kingdoms Presents Figment 2 #1

Over a year ago, June 2014, Marvel and Disney Kingdom released Figment 1.  The 5 comic series was a huge success for Disney Kingdom and a 2nd series was ordered.  Releasing today, September 2nd, Figment 2 #1 will appear in comic book stores all over.  I was fortunate enough to receive a copy before they released it in stores and I have to say, it’s GREAT!!!

In the first series, we were introduced to Blarion Mercurial who would go on to become the Dreamfinder and create Figment.  The story is great and they take us on an adventure after we see how Figments and the Dream Machine came to be.  I won’t ruin the story, but if you haven’t read it, I highly suggest you pick up a copy.


From Disney Kingdoms:

THE LEGENDARY DREAMFINDER AND FIGMENT RETURN IN AN ALL-NEW ADVENTURE! Figment and Dreamfinder have saved the world…but now find themselves in a time and place not their own! Out of time for over 100 years…old friends reunite, new challenges are met, and a brand new mystery unfolds. Dreamfinder’s greatest challenge lies ahead…but will his own legacy be his undoing? Don’t miss the sequel to the fan-favorite, sold-out Figment miniseries based on Walt Disney World’s beloved ‘Journey Into Imagination’ attraction.

Their dreams lead them to a place that will be special to all Disney fans.  All I will say is the place is in Florida and there is a big “golf” ball structure.  I read this so quickly, each page kept my interest.  I can’t wait for #2 to come out in October so I can see where the story leads.

If you are a fan of Figment and Dreamfinder, than this is a comic you must read.  Disney Kingdom series are great.  I have read the first Figment and also the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad series and I really enjoyed them both.  Get to your nearest comic book store and pick up your copy of Figment 2 #1.

Here is a small preview of the book and will maybe fill you in on my hints where they are in this comic



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