QUIZ: How Well Do You Know Big Thunder Mountain Railroad?

From Rose Monahan, Librarian, Walt Disney World Resort and posted on the Disney Parks Blog.

Are you a fan of the Disney “mountains”? Then how well do you know Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Magic Kingdom Park? Test your knowledge below and let us know how you did in the “Comments” section.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Magic Kingdom Park

1. What year did Big Thunder Mountain Railroad open at Magic Kingdom Park?


a. 1977

b. 1980

c.  1982

2. Where in Magic Kingdom Park is Big Thunder Mountain Railroad located?


a. Adventureland

b. Liberty Square

c. Frontierland

3. What’s the name of the deserted town you travel through on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad?


a. Tumbleweed

b. Chickapin Hill

c. Bear Country

4. How tall is the mountain you pass through to get to the Big Thunder Mining Company?


a. nearly 150 feet

b. nearly 200 feet

c. nearly 250 feet

5. Who is the founder and president of Big Thunder Mining Company?


a. Barnabas T. Bullion

b. Master Gracey

c. Walter E. Disney



1. b. 1980

2. c. Frontierland

3. a. Tumbleweed

4. b. nearly 200 feet

5. a. Barnabas T. Bullion


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