TMSM’s Random Acts of Kindness Thursday ~ Another Story from Magical CM Michael!


It’s Thursday Main Streeters! Time for our weekly article to give everyone the warm fuzzies….. Random Acts of Kindness with a Disney twist! If you’re a regular reader, then you know my Cast Member friend Michael. He always goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that guests have a Magical experience while at WDW. Here’s his latest story~

This morning I turned around to the line while assisting Princess Cinderella, and noticed a Princess in her CARRIAGE. On her button, it said 102, and I asked “is that YOUR temperature?” Her son said no, she turned 102 years old today! Princess Martiele smiled and I said “WOW! I’ve NEVER met anyone who’s 102!” So I waited for them to finish their breakfast, and when they returned to the lobby I had a HAPPILY EVER AFTER button waiting signed by Cinderella, saying “Princess Martiele 102 MAGICAL EARS!” As I was talking briefly with her grandson, I noticed the lobby filled up, and then announced to the packed lobby, “Attention ROYAL guests! Today we have a very SPECIAL young Princess among us! Now I know I’ve never met anyone of this stature, and maybe none of you have either, however, Princess and previous Doctor Martiele, turned 102 years young today!” The lobby ROCKED! I then asked of we could ALL roll out the RED CARPET, and they DID, with a very SPECIAL Happy Birthday! ~ Michael, CM at the Magic Kingdom

Hearing stories like this really do my heart good. Cast Members across the various Disney Parks are amazing and always do what they can to bring a smile to people’s faces. Michael takes his job very seriously, and makes it a mission to bring the extra magic whenever he can, and we thank him and all the amazing CM’s for doing such a wonderful job!

If you have a magical experience that you’d like to share, please write in and tell us about it! Your story could be featured in a future blog! Until next week, do something kind for someone, make someone smile…… you never know who could use the extra random act of kindness! ~M

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