Our Next Round of “Funny Things Overheard While Standing in Line at Disney” is here!


Summer is quickly getting away from us, and before we know it, school will be back in and Summer getaways will be just a memory. So many people from all over the world have flocked to Walt Disney World the past couple of months, and the parks have been packed. That being said, you can hear all kinds of funny things said by guests while you’re standing in line or walking through the parks. Here is our next round of Things Overheard at Disney!

“If we keep walking straight back (through Frontierland) we’ll eventually hit the Harry Potter Village.” My son and I both heard this one, he looked at me and said “they’ll have to walk really, really far!”

“We are not having a magical time, and I blame you! Do they have a bar here?” A frustrated woman to what I assume was her husband. Poor guy.

“If I would have known it was going to rain everyday, I wouldn’t have come to Disney. Someone should have warned us.” Disney doesn’t control the weather, and contrary to popular belief, there is no bubble over property!

In continuing with rain complaints…. “Since the Festival of Fantasy Parade was rained out, they should offer guests some sort of refund or something.” I heard a guy talking to a Cast Member about this. I didn’t hear what the CM said back though, but I’m sure he was nice about it.

“River Country isn’t closed for good, only for refurbishment.” Well, that’s the longest refurb in history then!

“Pirates of the Caribbean is changing to a walk through instead of a boat ride, that’s why it’s closed.” That’s news to me, but ok!

“Disney World has the Hatbox Ghost too at the Haunted Mansion, you just have to really look for him!” In line at the Haunted Mansion. Oh how I wish this were true, I find the Hatbox Ghost fascinating!

“Disney is buying the rights to the Minions, so they’re going to be in the Parks soon too!” Oh man, my younger son would LOVE this one! Sadly, it’s not true.

“The Carousel of Progress is becoming a ride, it’s getting tracks and it’s going to be a ride through!” Reallly??? Good to know!

Two guys arguing at Earl of Sandwich, DTD… “There’s no way that the Earl of Sandwich created the sandwich, that’s impossible. There had to be a sandwich before he called it a sandwich.” Hmm… food for thought maybe?

Conversations are always interesting to hear at Disney, even if you’re not trying to listen. When the parks are crowded, you have no choice but to somewhat get to know your neighbor, especially while standing in lines. It’s all in good fun though, and somewhat entertaining! Have you heard silly stuff while at the Parks too? If so, be sure to tell us about it, you could be in an upcoming blog! I hope this brought a smile to your face, it was fun to write it as well!

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