It’s Thursday, that means it’s time to recognize Random Acts of Kindness with a Disney twist! This week, I’d like to talk about Cast Members at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

We went to the Studios last Friday, and it started to rain. The rain was picking up on and off, and people were scrambling to take cover. We headed into the Star Wars store to look around while the rain was falling. After leaving, it was still sprinkling, but a Cast Member stopped me and asked how many people I had with me. I told her there were 4 of us, and she handed me a Fast Pass for our group, stating we can use it for any ride but Toy Story Mania. I thanked her, and she just said “I hope this makes your rainy night a little more Magical!”

As we were walking through the park, I saw a few other families get Fast Pass tickets too, and they seemed just as grateful as we were. Just that little bit of extra kindness really DOES add some magic to your day! Disney Cast Members really are the best, and we thank them for all they do to make the Guests feel special!

Do you have a random act of Disney kindness that you’d like to share? If so, please let us know, you could be featured in an upcoming Thursday evening blog! Thanks for the feedback, and until next week, be sure to try to extend a little bit of extra kindness to someone, you never know who could use it! ~M

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3 thoughts on “TMSM’s Random Acts of Kindness Thursday! Magical Cast Members!”
  1. Back in 2001, my sister and I were visiting, this was just my father’s death and 9/11, so things were very quiet at Disney World. We were just learning about pin trading. We saw a pin that my loved, it was a Goofy pin. A cast member had it. We didn’t know that cast members were able to just give their pins away. The cast member gave my sister this pin, which made her evening. My sister is also former cast member herself of the Eaton Centre Disney Store. At this time pin trading had not reached the stores yet.

  2. This past April I was one of three chaperones on our annual Senior Trip. It was the third day of our four day trip and all three of us were exhausted! We went to Epcot and decided we needed a coffee from Starbucks to get through the day. Our assistant principal was one of the chaperones and really wanted to go on Soarin. We grabbed our coffee and headed straight to Soarin. The wait when we arrived was 40 minutes and we were excited!! We got up to the gate and were told we couldn’t take our coffees in line with us. We stood over to the side and decided we would just drink them and get in line when we were done. As we were standing there a cast member named Tom came over to us and asked us if we wanted to play a game. Of course we said yes! Tom started asking us random Disney trivia and we competed with each other. We were having so much fun we didn’t even notice that the wait time had jumped up to 60 minutes. We played trivia with Tom for about 15 minutes. We finished our coffees about the same time trivia was done. We thanked Tom for keeping us occupied, he had really made our day. We stepped up to the Soarin line now ready to wait the 60 minutes when the CM working the line gave us each a FP and said “You just made Tom’s day”. We were so excited but what that CM didn’t know was Tom made our day!! We had told our students to look out for “Magic” while we were there and we had just received magic of our own! This whole experience has inspired me to start a Cast Member autograph book. It is dedicated to Tom and the first page is blank because someday I hope to find Tom again and have him sign the book.

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