We’re excited to present the August issue of our new magazine, The Main Street Monthly! Our new TMSM magazine encompasses all that we do across our various outlets, with some help from our friends at Mad About the Mouse and Disney Image makers. The collaboration has shown to be a magical one, and we are really excited about this project!


The August issue has some great content, including a recipe, photo tips, resort and restaurant info, question and answer section, Disney Side, packing tips, Disney and the City, and Haunted Mansion 101. The Haunted Mansion 101 article is great because it gives us a back history of one of my favorite attractions. The Haunted Mansion is a fan favorite, and is beloved by so many, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this one too. TMSM Geeks won’t feel left out either, as we have a section on Marvel and Star Wars! To get your copy or subscription, just go to to learn how! We really appreciate the support and hope you love the new issue of TMSMonthly!

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