Olaf Jello by Guest Blogger by Dawn Muller Starwald

Dawn recently shared a photo of her super cute Olaf Jello cup with us over in TMSM Fan Nation. Nation members loved her idea so much they begged her to submit her directions as a blog!  We hope you all love this cute and creative idea as much as we do!

olaf jello


– One package of Berry Blue Jello
– 3 medium sized marshmallows
– 2 mini marshmallows
– 2 pretzels sticks
– 1 shoestring carrot
– Black food-coloring
– Toothpick or small paint brush
– Prepare Jello according to package directions.
– Place Jello in refrigerator to start to set.
– Trim medium sized marshmallows to the desired shape and size for Olaf’s     body.
– Using a brush or toothpick, use the black food-coloring to add facial features and buttons.
– Trim pretzels sticks and shoestring carrot to desired size for arms and nose.
– When the Jello is set enough to support the marshmallows, gently place them in the Jello to make your snowman, along with the pretzels and nose!
– Let Jello continue to set until firm.
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