The Main Street Monthly is starting a new feature in August, where people can send in pics of themselves showing their Disney Side. The response has been great and we thank you for that. The whole goal of this new column is to show others that you can sport your Disney Side no matter what age you are. It’s an all inclusive thing, where you can show your love of Disney, whether you’re at the Parks or just wishing you were there. The Disney life should be embraced, and people should be proud of their Disney obsession! TMSM has turned into quite a large Ohana, and we felt that including our readers in our new project was really important.


With all that being said…… Are you proud of who you are and your love for all things Disney? Do you let your Disney Side shine through no matter where you are? If so, be sure to post a picture of yourself or your family members showing your Disney love. You could be featured in a future edition of TMSMonthly in our interactive Disney Side section! We really appreciate the feedback, and love you all for the support and loyalty, it’s amazing.


The next edition of The Main Street Monthly will be out on August 1st! Be sure to get your copy at!

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