The Orange County Register’s Disneyland 60th Anniviversary Commemorative Sections Can Be Purchased Online!

Today in honor of Disneyland’s 60th Anniversary our friends at the Orange County Register are publishing a special 60-year anniversary section, and reprinting a limited-edition ‘souvenir’ edition exactly as it ran in 1955. The OC Register is also are giving a free reprint of the 1955 section to all Disneyland CMs. Realizing that Disneyland has fans all over the world, and that we don’t all live in Anaheim, the OC has bundled the 1955 reprint and and today’s 24-page collectible section into a special collector’s set that is currectly available online for purchase. The Disneyland 60th Anniviversary Commemorative Sections can be purchased online to be shipped directly to your home or work.

disney_sections_art1955 COLLECTIBLE SECTION
The Register, as it was called in 1955, published a 16-page special section on the weekend Disneyland opened that previewed what would be seen in the park. Dubbed the “Premiere Souvenir Edition Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom,” the 1955 section features a message from Walt Disney himself on the front page, with stories inside detailing everything from the antique shops that graced Main Street U.S.A. to futuristic attractions like TWA’s Rocket to the Moon in Tomorrowland. Its historic headlines and stories included:

  • “Park Brings New Concept of Family Entertainment”
  • ”Disneyland Hotel Will Open Shortly”
  • Trains to Carry Visitors in Park”
  • “Famed Aunt Jemima Will Cook”
  • A front-page message from Walt Disney, calling the opening “a dream come true.”
  • The 1955 section will be available in limited quantities for Register subscribers and the general public.

Today’s 24-page section in today’s Register includes stories of people who attended, designed, built and worked at Disneyland when it first opened. It contains historic images and visually rich graphics to illustrate how the park has evolved from a 160-acre plot of sleepy farmland to the Happiest Place on Earth. The 60th anniversary 24-page section includes stories of people who attended, designed, built and worked at Disneyland when it first opened. It also includes:

  • A story on the first boy and girl through the gates, with photos then and now
  • Innovations that are key to Disney’s success
  • A story on the consultant hired to find the perfect spot for Disneyland
  • A story on a Jungle Cruise skipper during Disneyland’s first year
  • A photo collage of vintage Disneyland photos, with timelines
  • Column from Marty Sklar, who led the Walt Disney Imagineering team for 30 years

Individuals may also order up to five copies of the 1955 and 2015 sections together by mail by visiting Pricing by mail starts at $6.95, plus tax and shipping/handling. Please allow up to 2 weeks for your Orange County Register’s Disneyland 60 Year Anniviversary Commemorative Sets to arrive.

*Commemorative Collection Info Courtesy of the Orange County Register

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