Possible Solution to the Facebook Dilemma! Keep your Favorites in your News Feeds, here’s how!

Once complaint we get regularly, is that followers don’t see our Facebook pages in their news feeds anymore. Facebook made changes last year that limited the view for people on the pages they liked, which has made it harder to get seen for a lot of small business. Well, we have a pinch of hope on correcting this situation!

Facebook has given users back some control of their feed, and is rolling out a new option that allows you to pick what shows up first in your News Feed, and we want to help you put The Main Street Mouse first in your feed! Just follow these simple directions below to make sure you don’t miss out on any great TMSM news, articles or graphics!


Autumn made these great instructional graphics for each of our FB pages so you can see how to keep us in your news feeds! It’s really simple, and should eliminate the issues, we hope!


All you need to do is go to the “liked” tab on top of each page, use the drop down menu, and choose “See First.” It’s that easy! We hope this helps! Don’t forget to do this for all of our outlets, so you never miss a post from TMSM again! Thank you!


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