Today In Disney History ~ June 30th


The USPS “Art of Disney” series started in 2004 with the “Friendship” series. “The Art of Disney” stamp series included Friendship (2004), Celebration (2005), Romance (2006), Magic (2007) and Imagination (2008).  52.8 million Celebration stamp sets were sold before they were retired. After several years without Disney USPS stamp options in 2011 the USPS and Disney/Pixar released “Send a Hello” and in 2012 “Mail a Smile”. Both have been retired.

“The Disney relationship with the U.S. Postal Service began in the summer of 1918 when Walt Disney sorted and delivered mail in the Chicago Post Office. Next, Mickey Mouse worked for the Post Office when he starred in the 1933 animated short “Mail Pilot.” The achievements of Walt Disney were first recognized on a stamp in 1968. On the stamp, a parade of children, hand-in-hand, appear from a tiny castle to surround a portrait of Walt Disney. The children, representing many nations of the world, are garbed in national costumes” (

Some select collectible items from “The Art of Disney” and Disney/Pixar are still available on

TMSM Today in Graphic by Sherry Rinaldi DeHart

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