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In this installment of Lipstick and Lightsabers we are focusing on how geek fashion is no longer a faux pas.

Geek Chic, Where Fan meets Fashion

There are few things in life better than t-shirts. They’re comfortable, affordable, and we use them to make quick statements to the rest of the world about who we are. As a die-hard sports fan, I have countless team t-shirts and I even love to wear nicer outfits like dresses with my team’s colors on them. So if outfits inspired by college football teams are acceptable for every day looks, why not outfits inspired by fandoms? Enter the wonderful and magical world of Geek Chic.

Nerd Night 3leia tee

What started out as just random T-shirts in the men’s’ or juniors’ sections of department stores has taken on a life of its own. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still nothing better than a Star Wars shirt and some jeans, but sometimes it feels really good to incorporate your nerd side into other aspects of your everyday wardrobe. Of course you can always find subtle and classy geek attire on property at Disney, but other retailers have other unique products that are just as cute.


DW Tank DW Sweater

If you know me personally, you may not expect me to say this, but Hot Topic is one of my favorite stores in the mall and one of my favorite websites to shop at online. I say that because Hot Topic might be seen in a certain why by some people due to their black walls and ceiling. But that is not the case. Hot Topic is one of the best stores around that sells products from nearly every major fandom. They sell adorable Disney shirts, dress, and accessories, but I love to look at their Star Wars and Marvel items. They have everything from rings with the incredible “I love you,” “I know” quote on them for you and for the Han in your life, to wallets, to a C-3PO underwear set, to superhero travel mugs, to countless cozy pull overs for those cool nights where you just want to stay home and eat ice cream while watching Chris Evens kick some Hydra butt! Another misconception about Hot Topic is they are for teenagers. Not true, and I’m not just saying that because I recently entered my twenties. My mom bought a Frozen sweater from there last fall and wore it when we went to Disney for Christmas. She got countless compliments on it. For a wide variety of items and sizes, check out Hot Topic.

loki tank

Geek ChicearrbudsSW Belt


 everyday cosplay blackwidow jacket

I wore a really cute turquoise Darth Vader shirt to Star Wars Weekend this year. I had bought it at Hollywood Studios several months before and I love it. However, when I entered Darth’s Mall (pause for pun appreciation), the geeky estrogen kicked in after seeing the Her Universe section. I bought the world’s cutest R2-D2 dress and my mom (she’s got the Disney bug too) bought a dress with heart-shaped patterns of Boba Fetts, Darth Vaders, and Stormtroppers along the hem. Adorable! I was tempted to buy a cardigan with stitched X-Wings near the shoulders, but I regrettably did not. It was so cute though. Her Universe offers some very fun and classy geeky products. The best part of Her Universe in my opinion, is the Everyday Cosplay section. While their tank tops and earrings are cute too, sometimes you feel like going almost full on cosplay. How fun would it be to wear almost any day? Because I know some days I feel too geeky to just be subtle about my fandoms.

imperial cardiganearring_bundle

Captain AM HU


Teepublic Raptors Teepublic Iron Man 

Remember how there’s nothing better than a T-shirt? Well, if you enjoy geeky puns (who doesn’t), hilarious crossovers, and amazing prices, TeePublic is your T-shirt headquarters. They allow users to create their own designs. You will never find these creative shirts anywhere else.

Deadpool Tank Teepublic SW


 Khols Minnie Target Marvel Tank

Of course, most retailers have caught onto the growing popularity of geek inspired clothes and you can find them at nearly every department store and big retailer. I’ve bought Star Wars shirts from Kohl’s, Target, and Belk and my newest Captain America shirt came from Target.

Geek Chic, whether it’s subtle earrings with the Rebel Alliance symbol or everyday Loki cosplay, has become the best way to show others you are proud of your fandom. Nothing against other retailers, but I think there’s something special about buying Geek Chic from a nerdy website or store, I just feel like they understand me and my style better; they’re one of us.

(By Susie Bryan)

By clicking on the links for Hot Topic, Her Universe and Tee Public and purchasing something from those links, a portion of your purchase comes back to TMSM Geek.  Thank You

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