Selfie Stick Ban at Disney ~ We probably had that coming….. What’s Next?


As we told you a few days ago, Disney Parks have put a ban in place regarding the infamous selfie sticks. Guests will no longer be able to bring them in the parks, and for most, that’s a good thing. Some however, didn’t understand why Disney had to make it an across the board ban. This got me to thinking about the whole situation, and I completely get why Disney did it that way. They really had no choice.

Initially, Disney put out signs saying “no selfie sticks” on their rides, trying to get people to keep them stowed away while on attractions. This, however, did not work. People were not listening to the rules, and were still bringing them out on rides like Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and California Screamin. This was causing Cast Members to have to close down the rides, and that’s not good for anyone involved. If people would have followed instructions in the first place, then maybe there would not be a ban altogether. What choice did they have? If people weren’t listening, and still bringing them out on the rides, then telling people they couldn’t have them in the parks at ALL was the only solution. It’s like dealing with little kids. You don’t listen, you lose your privileges. I don’t blame them one bit. But don’t you think that people somewhat had his coming? What happened to manners?

Now, I may get flamed for this, but I’m going to say it anyway. I think the selfie stick is just one of the ways that people forget about their manners and consideration for other people while at Disney. People would rather get their own perfect selfie, than keep in mind the rules or the people around them. I’ve been smacked in the head by a selfie stick or two, so have my kids, and it’s because people aren’t mindful of their surroundings. The same can be said for cell phones, IPads, etc. I’ve never seen it this bad. Anytime you go to watch a parade, show, or fireworks….. you end up looking through someone else’s electronic device that they’re holding over their head, and that’s really not fair. It’s not just about you. We all paid money to get into the parks, and a little courtesy goes a LONG way if you just make a small effort. Yes, I have to record things for TMSM when I’m at the parks, but I keep my camera at eye level so I don’t ruin the view for the people behind me. Is that too much to ask? I’d say no.

The idea behind our popular “Don’t Be That Guy at Disney” series stemmed from situations like this. The lack of common courtesy. When we reported about the selfie sticks being banned, we were flooded with comments from readers. Most people were glad that these things weren’t going to be allowed anymore. It was interesting though, because we also got comments of people saying that IPads should be next, for similar reasons. Or Cast Members telling people up front during shows to not put their kids on their shoulders, that’s another one. I don’t think those things need to be “banned” per say, I just think that people need to be considerate of others, that’s all. Again, it’s not just about you! We can ALL have a magical time at our Happy Place if we just extended a little bit of kindness and thoughtfulness towards our fellow Disney Goers. Easy peasy, right? It should be!

So, we’ll be saying “see ya” to selfie sticks starting this week. I think they are just collateral damage to inconsiderate park going truthfully. I hope guests learn from this one, so that we can all enjoy the parks equally without having to get upset over someone else’s less than Disney-like behavior. A little effort goes far if we just keep others in mind!

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One thought on “Selfie Stick Ban at Disney ~ We probably had that coming….. What’s Next?”
  1. Great article! I agree about courtesy. I have been hit on the head in line and in a crowd. I was also body checked by a woman jogging through a crowd with a partially open device sticking out of her backpack . . . That left quite a bruise. I don’t understand why people risked using them on rides. I shudder to think what would happen if someone dropped one and it got lodged in the track of rollercoaster.

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