One of my favorite parts of my job here at TMSM is getting to host meet ups for our readers. I love being able to thank our Main Streeters in person and give out some long overdue hugs. That being said, we have meet ups coming, and I wanted to be able to let you know in advance, at least for the bigger one, so that those who want to attend have enough time to plan for it.

The first one, which is of shorter notice, will be next Wednesday, June 24th at Hollywood Studios. We are getting together for some Frozen Summer Fun, to say hello and watch the fireworks together! If you’d like to join us, we’re meeting in front of the new Hyperion Theater, formerly American Idol, around 6:45 in the evening. My head admin Autumn will be in town, so we’ll be there to hang out with you all for a bit. It will be fun!


The second announcement, is that our BIG annual TMSM Meet Up will again be in the Fall this year, on October 17th! This meet up will be an all day event, like last year, but we’re thinking about having it at the Magic Kingdom this time. More details and times will follow, but at least you can secure the date. Last year at Epcot was amazing, we had over 100 Main Streeters on the scene, and a great time was had by all! You can join our Facebook group, TMSM Fan Nation, and RSVP in the event section, if you’d like!

I’m so excited for the coming events, and hope to see you there! Thanks as always for all your kindness and support. TMSM and our sister sites couldn’t run without the help of our readers, and we’re thankful for each and every one of you. Stay tuned for more details, hope to see ya real soon! ~M

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