D23 EXPO Guest Packages Reveal Some Interesting Changes Coming To 2015 Expo Pass System

June 16, 2015 , , ,

1604924_10204524707334483_8758191991617502892_nAs of today Cast Members that ordered special CM tickets for D23’s 2015 Expo have started receiving them. Along with their Event Guest tickets CMs received literature that includes some interesting news about how lines will work and a new change to how attendees will shop.

11327795_10204524758215755_2109491530_nThe first major change in this year’s Expo is that attendees will be able to spend the night in line on Friday and Saturday night inside the Convention Center while waiting to access the Show Floor and Hall D23 presentation. In previous years not only were inside lines not allowed over night, D23 actively discouraged attendees from standing in line outside the Center as well. This year advanced line up for Friday will start on 8/13 at 10pm in Hall E, and Saturday line up will begin at 10pm in Hall E. Sunday’s presentation will not allow a line prior to 5am at the main entrance of the Convention center. D23 also has taken the time to inform guests that are planning on taking advantage of the advanced lineup option that they will not be allow to take large items onto the show floor or leave items unattended so they should pack accordingly.  They also note on the flyer that there is “No re-entry allowed, and all of your party must be present (no holding space in line for others to join later).
**PLEASE NOTE this option is not for the entire Expo nor will it effect guests ability to enjoy the Expo. The over night line option is only available on Friday and Saturday and it only applies to the show floor and the first presentation of the day on Hall D23. The other presentations for the day in Hall D23 and all of the talks in the other rooms and halls will not be able to use this line option!**11277926_10204524753295632_378070041_n

Changes are also being made in the way of event and shopping lines. In 2013 Disney introduced the Expo’s own version of the FastPass, StagePass, this will be returning again this year for sessions in Stage 23 and Stage 28. Once again guests are limited to one StagePass ticket for one session taking place between 11am-3pm, but can return after 12:40 to receive one for a later session.  One person can get passes for their whole party but must have each guests Expo ticket with them. StagePasses will not be available for Hall D23 events.
Possibly as a response to the number of complaints that guests had to choose between standing in line half the day to shop, or attending talks, D23 is introducing the StorePass this year. Based on the literature sent out the pass will be available in a very limited quantity for those with Expo tickets. The StorePass will provide priority entry into the D23 Expo Dream Store, Disney Store and Mickey’s of Glendale. They will be available for distribution starting at 10am at the special StorePass desk. Guests will present their valid Expo ticket and choose one 30 minute shopping experience in time slots between 12pm and 5pm. Each ticket holder is limited to one StorePass ticket for each shopping location per day and must arrive at least 5 minutes before their time slot opens and it is only valid for the time printed on the ticket. The papers do not note how Disney plans on tackling the complaints of people buying items in bulk for the purpose of resale or standard line jumping, but we hope to hear more on that as we get closer to the Expo.




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