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From the Disney Style Blog

Ditch your real people clothes and go CGI-chic with inspiration from the kids of Disney•Pixar. From hair tips with Ellie to super suit tips with Dash, there’s plenty to borrow from the virtual Disney•Pixar closet. Let the styling begin:

Style Tip #1: Helmet hair is in this season.


Goodbye, bedhead, and hello, adventure-head! This wild hairdo is a definite “DO” in our book, and best of all, it’s as effortless as can be. Just wear a helmet, run around an abandoned house for a couple of hours, and your hair’s natural oils will do the rest.

Style Tip #2: Get in tune with your ‘tude with a rad sweater.


Let your personality shine and sparkle with a rockin’ graphic sweatshirt. No kid in the dentist’s office will doubt your immaculate sense of style (and love of rock music) when you roll in wearing this fancy number.

Style Tip #3: Go monster-chic in the workplace.


Impress the higher-ups with style so good, it’s scary. You can make your own monster-inspired look with a couple of random things you have around the house. Professional attire meets homemade charm. Hello! Did somebody say “promotion”?

Style Tip #4: And go cozy-chic at home.


Boo’s a girl who can work her pastels with ease. Lavender leggings paired with a blushing pink shirt dress give off a classic “I just wandered from my bedroom into the monster world” kind of look. Bonus style points for subtle ankle socks!

Style Tip #5: Tired of boring old baseball caps? Try out a unique head accessory.


With a little help from Woody, Buzz, and the gang, Sid tries on a fun hat made out of a toy he horribly disfigured. While we don’t recommend performing weird operations on your childhood toys, we do commend Sid for thinking outside the box. Hats off for killer fashion, Sid!

Style Tip #6: Dust off that super suit.


Just when you thought you weren’t going to use that bright red unitard ever again, superhero fashion is back in. Slip back into your super suit, and get ready to save the world in super style. The Dash likes.

Style Tip #7: Accessorize plaid with cookies and curls.


Harris, Hubert, and Hamish make rad look plaid with their curly red locks and cookies in hand. To pull off the look, put on your clan’s signature plaid and travel in threes with your identical siblings. The colors of DunBroch have never looked so good.

Style Tip #8: And if all else fails, have your older sister meet a witch who can transform you, your siblings, and your mom into bears.

"Brave" (Pictured) Bear Cubs. ©2012 Disney/Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

No pants, no problem.

What Disney•Pixar style tips have you picked up on? Tell us in the comments below!

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