The Best Things Happen on the Water

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You know the old saying, “the best things in life are free?” Well that’s true, but we’re adjusting it today, because we’ve realized that some of the best moments in Disney movies happen when our favorite characters are out on the water. Boating, swimming, surfing, etc., H20 is just plain cool. So join us as we take a look at some watery (in the best way) moments:

Fishing – Brave


Even if your mom isn’t a bear, fishing is a great familial experience. And if your mom is a bear, cool.

Surfing – Lilo & Stitch


We’ve tried to surf on land and it was unsuccessful.

Musical Numbers – The Little Mermaid


Where else can multiple species of fish, birds, and a crab, serenade you while on a date? Sure, it ends with two eels tipping the boat, but that’s a story you’ll tell your grandkids years from now.

Life Decisions – Pocahontas


Should you choose the smoothest course? It’s a lot easier to make resolutions when on the water. It’s calming. Maybe because the water’s always changing, always flowing.

Family Bonding – A Goofy Movie


Everyone’s dad is a little goofy, but Max’s dad is literally Goofy. Sure it can be awkward to hang in public with your parents, but it’s also a great opportunity to discover that behind all that goof, there’s a lot of heart.

Ice Skating – Mickey and Minnie


A seasonal delight, illustrated for us here by the cutest couple we’ve ever seen. Bonus points for outfit coordination.

Magical Running – Frozen


Running on water is definitely a “best thing,” as far as we’re concerned. Sure it takes ice magic, but we can dream, can’t we?

Lanterns and Romance – Tangled


There’s no better view to watch the floating lanterns–or gaze at Flynn Rider.

Damsel Rescuing – Hercules


She’s a damsel, she’s in distress–she can handle this, however it does make for a pretty heroic meet cute.

We think we’ve proven that life is better spent on the water, and now you have the opportunity to experience this truth for yourself! You can enter for a chance to win a vacation to Walt Disney World Resort and enjoy a fishing adventure thanks to our friends at Take Me Fishing (see official rules here). So what are you still reading this article for? Romance, fun, family bonding, life lessons, damsel rescuing, and more are all waiting!

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