It’s Thursday, and time for our weekly feel good article, Random Acts of Disney Kindness! This weeks article is again about our fabulous Main Streeters! Have I mentioned how grateful I am for all of you? Maybe a time or two! You deserve the praise and recognition for the support you give us, and last weeks 24 Hour Party was no exception!

We had told people last week, that no matter where you were on the day of the 24 Hour Party, we wanted you to participate and follow along with us. Main Streeters on both coasts, sent us pictures and met up with each other the entire day. That’s the best feeling, seeing everyone come together and participate! We truly are one big Disney Ohana!



We were also lucky enough to be able to meet some Main Streeters that day to say hello and get pictures. I had told people that we’d be at the Train Station at the MK around 7:00, if anyone wanted to meet up. Well, to my surprise, we got to meet about 45 of you that evening, and I couldn’t have been happier. Not bad for short notice! We gave out prizes and hugs, and had fun! I’m so thankful to all of you who showed up, it’s amazing! We were also talking to Main Streeters online and waving to people from the live feed camera while we were up front. Very cool!




The acts of kindness that our Main Streeters have shown us over the years have been such a blessing. I’m so thankful to have you following along with our adventures and what we do each day. So this one’s for you, thanks for being so supportive, it’s appreciated! We are looking to do our big annual TMSM Meet Up this Fall, on October 17th, more details to follow so stay tuned.



If you have a Disney Random Act of Kindness story that you’d like to share, please send it in! You could be featured on a future blog. Until next week, do something kind for a friend, make someone smile! You never know how could use the extra pixie dust! ~M

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