Today is the day! The 24-hour celebration is here and we here at TMSM want to help you be prepared to show off your #TMSMDisneySide. One of the ways you can do this is by Disney Bounding. We know that sometimes you can’t get off work and have to head to the parks a bit later than you had hoped so we wanted to share two easy and quick Disney inspired make-up looks you can do after work so that you can show off your #TMSMDisneySide.  Our friend Amy  has given us permission to share some of her amazing make-up tutorial videos to help you create a fun Disney look for the party today!

The first inspired makeup look we want to share with you  is based on Donald Duck! Just remember, even though your makeup may scream “I am a grumpy duck”  the no shoes, no pants, no service rule is still in effect during the party!

The last Disney inspired makeup video we want to share with you is inspired by Sully from Monsters Inc. We hope that once you are done earning that “Best Scarer” award at work today that you have an amazing time at the 24-hour party!

We hope you have enjoyed Amy’s amazing videos and her inspirational talent! Don’t forget we want YOU to show us your #TMSMDisneySide this weekend! We don’t care if you are in the parks or at home, we want you to rock your #TMSMDisneySide and show us the outcome on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! Feel free to save our #TMSMDisneySide image below and incorporate it into your outfit or photos!


About Amy:

Amy Brady and her husband Shane  live in County Kildare, Ireland.Amy has always loved Disney and would spend hours drawing the characters from the VHS covers when she was little. She aspired to be an animator with Disney when she was a child, and studied animation in Dublin but Animation is not quite as popular in Ireland as it is in the US. Inspired by her love of the research side of Animation, she went on to complete a degree in History.  It was during this time that she discovered her love for makeup and began to teach herself various techniques. Six years later she is makeup crazy! Amy  loves how transformative makeup can be and experimenting and learning new techniques! To see more of Amy’s tips and tricks, makeup tutorials and more from her click here. And to see more of her amazing Guest Blogs visit
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