It’s Thursday, that means it’s time for our weekly feel good article!! This week is about you, our readers.  I do my best to show appreciation for those who follow us, but sometimes, I feel the need show just a little bit more, because it’s so deserved.

Last weekend, Star Wars Weekends began at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. We were on hand both Friday and Saturday, not only to get coverage for the site, but to check things out and see what the Studios had to offer for SWW being that we’ve never been to them.  We had fun. The fireworks were great, the cupcakes were amazing, the characters and shows were entertaining.  We really enjoyed it all. But…. my favorite part wasn’t the the parade, celebs, etc…. it was YOU, our Main Streeters!

Member feedback is so important to me.  Hearing what people think of us is key to keeping what we do successful and positive.  I had so many people spot me at the park, and came up to me saying they love TMSM and love following along with us.  When someone comes up to us to say hello or ask for a pic, it makes my heart swell. Hearing that a certain story or post was something that someone enjoyed or related to, gives me such a feeling of accomplishment and appreciation for our readers. Things like this are great reminders, and I certainly don’t take it for granted, not one bit.


We have Main Streeters from all over the world, and we also have quite a few who are Cast Members.  We truly love you all, and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being so magically supportive.  It’s because of all of you, that we strive to do better and keep doing what we’re doing. I thank you for that, you truly are a blessing to me and my family.

Well, that’s it for this week. I hope to see some of you at the 24 Hour Party tomorrow at the Magic Kingdom. We’ll have our buttons on, so if you spot us please say hello!! Until next week, be sure to extend some kindness to those around you, make someone smile…… you never know who could really use the extra magic! Hugs to you! ~M

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