Beer Tasting on a Disney Cruise

From Salah Chetbi, Dining and Beverage Standards and Consistency Manager, Disney Cruise Line and posted on the Disney Parks Blog.

We’ve covered several of the tastings adults can indulge in on a Disney cruise, from wine and Champagne, to liquors and cocktails. Last but not least, I’ll tell you about our seminar on the world’s most widely consumed alcoholic beverage, beer.


In this tasting, the bartender will go through the interesting history of beer, the oldest alcoholic drink, and divulge fun facts about it. You’ll learn how to properly taste a beer and distinguish one from another, going through the different types, production methods and ingredients used. Beers tasted during the seminar could include ale, stout, wheat, imported lager and domestic lager.


Our Irish pub onboard each ship is the perfect setting for this tasting. On your next visit, be sure to ask our expert bartenders about their favorite drink of choice!

Next week, I’ll conclude this series with our beverage seminar that is more than just a tasting. Check back to learn about our mixology class, which is like going through a mini bartender course!

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