From the Oh My Disney blog:

Sure, you know every single word, sigh, dramatic inhale, and key change in “Part of Your World,” but do you know every single part of the worlds in your favorite Disney movies? From poor provincial towns to the cutest little town in Carburetor County, movie settings are just as big of a deal as movie characters, so it’s about time we give these backgrounds a little love. Put your Disney movie background knowledge to the test:

1. Bon voyage! Which movie is this destination from?

a. Ratatouille
b. Cars
c. Cars 2
d. Beauty and the Beast


2. Which movie is set here?

a. Wall-E
b. Big Hero 6
c. Inside Out
d. Cars 2


3. Think you recognize this scenery? It’s from:

a. Tangled
b. Brave
c. A Bug’s Life
d. Up


4. Think you recognize this scenery? It’s from:

a. The Little Mermaid
b. The Incredibles
c. Finding Nemo
d. Finding Dory


5. Name this other underwater adventure:

a. The Little Mermaid
b. Pinocchio
c. Alice in Wonderland
d.Finding Nemo


6. Where do we see this bedroom?

a. Toy Story
b. Toy Story 2
c. Toy Story 3
d. Toy Story That Time Forgot


7. Which movie is this landscape from?

a. Tarzan
b. Up
c. The Lion King
d. Tangled


8. How about this town?

a. Beauty and the Beast
b. Cinderella
c. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
d. Sleeping Beauty


9. Where can you find this place?

a. Frozen Cold
b. Frozen Fever
c. Frozen Flu
d. Frozen Allergies


10. Can you bear to answer this one?

a. The Rescuers
b. The Rescuers Down Under
c. Winnie the Pooh
d. Brother Bear



1. c. Cars 2
2. b. Big Hero 6
3. a. Tangled
4. c. Finding Nemo
5. a. The Little Mermaid
6. c. Toy Story 3
7. c. The Lion King
8. a. Beauty and the Beast
9. b. Frozen Fever
10. c. Winnie the Pooh


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