April 2015 Loot Crate Review – Fantasy

It’s that time of month again, time to review the April Loot Crate.  As I mentioned last month, this month’s theme would be “Fantasy”.  Now all I knew about the crate was, “Swords and sorcery, myths and magic, dragons and… things that aren’t dragons. This month, it’s all about FANTASY!”  So what would be in it?  I instantly thought to the 80’s and my D&D years, but that couldn’t be it.  What else would be in the crate??  Well wonder no more, here is the review of the “Fantasy” crate.



From the front page of this month’s magazine:

“As You Wish” – Wesley, The Princess Bride

The Princess Bride is one of my favorite all time movies, it’s one I can sit and watch over and over again so that set the tone for me to dig into the crate assuming there was something from the film.

First up, this month had a great shirt that brings back those memories and days of Dungeons & Dragons.  In the 80’s before we had computer games to get lost into worlds online, we had to imagine our world and character playing D&D.  This is a great printed shirt and one I was very excited to get.


The next thing that is really cool is this 9 3/4 luggage tag, from Harry Potter.  I get to go to Universal Studios in Orlando often and this is one of the things they actually sell in the stores there and something I have looked at a few times so this was a huge bonus to get and goes on my backpack now.


This one I wasn’t sure what it was, looked like something you blow up, but what??  It was gold and I didn’t get it till I opened the book, it’s an inflatable crown.  So now I can live in my Fantasy world as a King.


Next was something I can wear with the crown, an Exclusive RPG Bow Tie.  This is a really nice tie to be able to wear and it contains images from different role playing games.


The next item is one I was very excited to see, it was a deck of The Princess Bride playing cards.  Now I can see all the familiar characters from the iconic film and remember scenes.  The deck is filled with illustrated images of the stars of the film and features things such as the King as Wesley or should I say the Dread Pirate Roberts or the Queen that is Buttercup.


Now I confess, I’m not a Game of Thrones watcher, but if you are these next 2 items are for you.  One is the familiar grey direwolf House Stark USB drive and the second is a set of magnets from the hit show


The final thing is the magazine which contains a couple great artilces.  The first was a D&D intelligence test that shows how the game changed gaming and pop culture to this day.  The second article talks about some of the Fantasy Fantastic shows on television and why fans watch them.  It’s really a great read.  They also included pictures of some of the previous month’s looters showing their loot.  As always you get your monthly themed button, which is one of those things I always love to get.  The box also had a map theme of a fantasy land that you can go and explore.


I will admit, I wasn’t excited about this month’s Loot Crate when I heard about it.  I’m not a big Fantasy type fan, but upon receiving it, I didn’t even think about how much of a fan I really am.  From the days of D&D to Harry Potter and The Princess Bride.  All in all, another great crate and the people over at Loot Crate really know how to put together a great package each and every month.

So you maybe wondering what we have to look forward to in May’s Loot Crate.  The theme for May 2015 is Unite


May’s theme is UNITE! We’re gathering all our friends, painting animal-shaped robots our favorite colors, and prepping for an EPIC team up! Why? Well two heads are better than one, there’s strength in numbers, and we had like ten whole notebooks full of awesome, unused band names. Get set to travel across dimensions, battle evil, capture some flags, and just plain have fun! We’ve got awesome exclusives from Marvel’s Avengers, Power Rangers, Team Fortress 2, Bravest Warriors, Rick and Morty and more, plus an EXCLUSIVE licensed t-shirt!

The fact that it even mentions the Avengers, i’m already excited about May.  Thank you for reading my review, the next crate is due out in just a few short weeks, so subscribe today and next month you will be enjoying your crate rather than just wishing you ordered it. Use this link Loot Crate to order your own crate TODAY!!!

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