Racing Disney: Understanding the “Host Resorts” by Guest Blogger Addie Clark

imagesHey there Main Streeters!

Today I’m going to write about something that seems to have been puzzling some people…the “host resort.” I’m going to try a different style for this and I look forward to hearing what you think.

What is the host resort?

The Host Resort is the select Disney Hotels that have been designated by runDisney. For popular weekends, such as the Walt Disney World Marathon in January and the Princess Half Marathon in February, all Walt Disney World Resorts are host resorts.

I’m going to say that again, because it bears repeating: For popular weekends, such as the Walt Disney World Marathon in January and the Princess Half Marathon in February, all Walt Disney World Resorts are host resorts.

Map_WDW_ResortFor all other Walt Disney World runDisney events, the runDisney webpage will have a list of host resorts, separated by resort category (deluxe, moderate, and value). There is always at least one host resort in each category, but often there are more. Check the travel page for Walt Disney World on the runDisney webpage.

For Disneyland runDisney events, there is a whole separate aspect. Travel packages are offered and more information can be found on the travel page for Disneyland on the runDisney webpage. Most often these travel packages include discounts on select hotels and ticket packages.

vacations_disneyland_mapWhy a host resort?

You might be asking yourself, “Addie, why should I worry about staying at a host resort.” Well the answer is simple and candid: If you want to get anywhere race weekend, you need to stay at a host resort. Host resorts are the only resorts that will provide race transportation. This includes:

  • Transportation to and from the Race Expo (where you pick up your race packet)
  • Transportation to and from the Start/Finish Line

If you’re local and you bring your own car, or you rent a car, you may not think either of these things are a big deal. However, a lot of traffic flow on the mornings of races is altered because of road closures for the race route. So planning to drive yourself places is doable, but should be done with the allowance of extra time to get there.

What if I don’t stay at a host resort?

Staying at a host resort is highly recommended, but not required for runDisney events. You don’t even have to stay on property. However, if you choose to not stay at a host resort, you need to be able to provide your own transportation to the Race Expo and to the Start/Finish line. And like I said above, you’ll need to allow extra time to get to the start/finish so that you can account for road closures.

I hope this blog clears up a little bit of confusion on Host Resorts. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to check out the runDisney website or comment here. Coming up, we’re going to have an overview of what it’s like to go through race registration, a special guest recap of the final run of the Expedition Everest Challenge, and explanations of “Challenges” and “Race Retreat”! Hope you’ll stay tuned.

Until then, run on!

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