Christmas Year Around at Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe at the MK!

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It’s only the end of April, but we’re going to talk about Christmas decorations today! In the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World, near Liberty Tree Tavern, is Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe. When visiting that store, you step out of the Florida heat, and right into a Christmas wonderland.


Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe offers a huge variety of Disney themed Christmas decorations, from ornaments to tree skirts, from stockings to novelty gifts for the holiday season. The inside of the store even smells like pine and berries, with Christmas music playing in the background. So nice. Back to the ornaments….. The Disney themed high heel shoes were a favorite of mine, as well as the different Mickey head decorations in various styles and themes.


Most of the ornaments are priced at $18.95, the high heel shoes are around $23.00, but the variety of styles they offer are really good. There are so many different holiday items to choose from, if you love Christmas, you’ll love this store. Also, there is a great Christmas sleigh outside that you can sit in for a photo opportunity. So, even if you’re not thinking about Christmas yet, stop by Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe next time you’re in Frontierland! It’s a great break from the heat and also makes you look forward to the next holiday season.


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