Star Wars: The Force Awakens Official Teaser Trailer #2 – My Review And Analysis

On April 16th, Celebration 2015 kicked off.  One of the first big news items to hit the streets was the release of the 2nd teaser trailer for the film Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

It was November 28th, 2014 that the world saw the first trailer for the upcoming film that will be out on December 18th, 2015.  All the speculation and questions of what is happening.  Who are these characters and what is their role?  What type of lightsaber is that guy holding???  Fans have been asking questions everywhere on social media.  Speculating what things mean and wanting more.

The other day, we got more insight and more questions but also a very special surprise at that end that made me smile.  Here is the full trailer if you haven’t seen it yet:

If you are like me, you watched it, watched it again, thought about it for a few minutes and watched it yet again this time stopping to examine the shot.  I’m going to try to break it down somewhat for you with my own analysis.  I consider myself a fairly well educated Star Wars fan.  I probably know a lot more than the average fan about the galaxy far, far away, but I’ll say it now, I am not a expert on the entire universe of Star Wars.

The teaser starts out with what I believe to be a scene of what would remind watchers of Tattoine, the home of Anakin and his son Luke Skywalker.  At the panel yesterday though, J.J. Abrams confirmed the name of this new planet is Jakku.

In this opening scene we see what is part a continuation of the first teaser, where we saw Rey on her speeder taking off.  In the background you will see what appears to look like her speeder flying across the desert land going past a crashed X-Wing and a Imperial Star Destroyer that crashed landed, more than likely after the events of Return of the Jedi.

first scene

At this point we hear a voice start to talk to someone, his words are:

“The Force is strong in my family”

The voice does sound familiar, its Luke Skywalker.  We don’t know at this point to whom he is talking.  We do see Darth Vader’s helmet:

Vader Helmet

The helmet is in very bad shape.  If you remember in Return of the Jedi, after his death, Anakin Skywalker’s body disappeared and his soul became one with the Force, while on the second Death Star.  Luke then took his father’s armor and back on Endor built a funeral Pyre to burn the familiar suit.

Vader Pyre ROTJ
Vader Pyre ROTJ

So with this logic, Luke would have been the only one to see his Father’s armor burn and more than likely the one to have his armor helmet after the fire burned out.  When we see Luke after the fire in Return of the Jedi, meeting up with the other Rebels he does not have the helmet so could it be someone else from the Empire found the remains and kept the helmet that was shown in the teaser?  With all the tech of that armor, i’m sure the Emperor had some type of GPS system built into it.

We then hear the voice speak as the image of Vader’s helmet fades away saying:

“My father has it”

When then see a very familiar robot appear, R2-D2 is next to a figure that is cloaked but has a mechanical right hand.  The voice says:

“I have it”


Is this a picture of Luke and R2-D2?  In the Empire Strikes Back, in the first battle with Darth Vader on Cloud City, Luke’s right hand was severed off by Vader’s saber.  At the end of that film, we see Luke getting a new robotic hand that has a “skin” overlay to make it look real, but in Return of the Jedi we see Luke take a blaster shot to the same hand so it would have to be repaired.  The shot happened early in that movie while on Jabba’s barge, but we never see it repaired.  Maybe this is his new hand of Luke?  R2-D2 was always Luke’s faithful companion so it would make sense that they are still together.

In the next scene, we heard the voice say:

“My sister has it”

As someone passes what appears to be Darth Vader’s Lightsaber hilt.  UPDATE: After more time to review this, it appears this would be Luke’s hilt from his Saber he used in The Empire Strikes Back.  If you remember in the battle with Vader in Empire, Luke lost his hand and saber.  Vader cut the hand clean off and the Saber and hand went flying. That was his blue saber  that he had.  It was the blue saber that he used.  The one he has in Return of the Jedi is green.

Could the saber Luke used have fallen all the way to Jakku during the battle? The battle took place on Cloud City and was the event where we found out that Vader was Luke’s father.

vaders hilt

The voice would lead you to believe this is someone passing along the hilt to another person for training, but upon further looking at the shot.  The face of the person passing the hilt does not appear to be a human face, rather an alien of sometype.  Trying to not distort the image much, I turned down the shadow in the image and you can see more of the face:


Now if you remember in the first teaser trailer, it was obvious there was a hilt attached to Rey’s speeder, so did she fine one and she took it to someone to tell her what it is and that person is simply handing it back to her?  That would be my belief.

The voice comes over to make one more statement but the scene is black. The voice says:

“You have that power too”

I take it this is Luke talking to someone else, is it a family member?  Could it be one of his children or maybe one of Leia’s?  Could he have found someone else who has the power of the Jedi and he is going to train them?  I would think it’s not someone related.  If it were he could have said your grandfather had it, or your aunt or mother have it.  All this is speculation at this point, but gives us things to think about.

The teaser than shows the words”This Christmas” letting us know the time of year the film will be released, December 18th to be exact.

The next scene opens with X-Wing fighters flying over water and then we see a familiar face from the first trailer Poe Dameron.  You can see his enthusiasm flying.  This reminds me of Han Solo flying the Falcon in the first film going to help Luke destroy the first Death Star when we had that familiar “Yahoo”



In a quick scene we see Kylo Ren and his crossguard light saber striking something, unsure of what it is at this point

Kylo Ren

We then see some of our new characters, Rey, Finn and also the robot “soccer ball” BB-8 getting away from an explosion

Rey, Finn and bb8

Then we see another figure with a mask on, most likely a sith as the saber is red, but it doesn’t have the crossguard as Kylo Ren’s has had in all his previous shots.  Is this Kylo or another Sith?  Was this Kylo before he improved his saber with the guard or did he somehow get his hands on Darth Vader’s old saber?  We know from the other films, there is always a Master and Apprentice.  Could this be the Master of Kylo Ren and the leader of the Empire?  He’s obviously using the Force with is hand out the way it is:


The next scene we see a familiar site with many Stormtroopers with their new sleek armor, obviously they have been still working for the last 30 years and staying strong.  In the back we see a banner with a new symbol, could this be the new symbol of the Empire?  We also see one of the “wings” of the newer Tie Fighters.

the empire1

the empire

If you look really closely, you can see a figure directly under the banner in a black cloak.  This is most likely the leader of the Empire.

Next shot shows Rey looking up at someone as if she just encountered someone she wasn’t expecting or probably finding out something she didn’t know.


Next we see two Tie Fighters more than likely chasing someone, at this point who knows what:

tie fighters

We are shown the Empire troops under attack at some base or ship:

Empire under attack

Going back to the first trailer, it started with Finn looking around wearing Stormtrooper armor but we had no idea where he came from.  This next  picture shown in the new trailer has Finn obviously on the wrong side of the fence as he’s putting on his helmet to hide his identity.


The next shot shows an Imperial Star Destroyer with ships approaching it.  The ship that appears to me being lead to the Destroyer looks very much like the Emperor’s Shuttle from the earlier movies.  The wings fold up and down as his did.  Could this be the leader’s ship?  It is being escorted by 4 other ships more than likely to protect the shuttle, so who is on it?


The next person we see is someone in familiar Stromtrooper armor but it’s not the standard white. It’s dark, the person has a walk of confidence and power.  I wondered if this was a Sith Lord.  He could be the leader or the Empire but why is he carrying a blaster?  In the earlier films Obi-Wan said that blasters were clumsy and random, however we did see Obi-Wan use one in Revenge of the Sith.  I guess it’s not unheard of for someone with the Force to use a blaster, but this person doesn’t seem under attack at the time but rather marching to go after someone or something.

If this is the leader, I do like that his armor is similar to that of the Empire’s Army, but would the leader dress like soldiers?

sith lord

This next scene shows BB-8 looking from behind a wall and everything around reminds me of the Millennium Falcon.  So is BB-8 on the Falcon?  Is Rey and Finn with him as in a early shot we saw the 3 of them running.

BB8 and falcon

We get another shot of Rey


Is she looking down on someone to possibly help them?  The next scene shows a hand extending to help Finn get up.  I would think this is her hand as the scene looks very similar to the earlier one where they are running away together.

hand and finn

The next scene we are shown has the Millennium Falcon being chased by a Tie Fighter and flying into the Imperial Star Destroyer that we saw crashed in the first scene.  Who is on the ship?  Did Han and Chewie help Rey, Finn and BB-8 escape because the Empire is coming after them for some reason?

fighter and falcon

During the chase we see the Falcon flying and avoiding shots from the Tie Fighter and we get a glimpse into the new Tie Pilots and what they look like
tie pilot

I really like the Empire Armor and that there is a uniform appearance to them all so far.  We had so many types of Stormtrooper armor before which I liked them all, but now they look all in sync with one another.

The scene goes black after the Falcon appears to be getting away.  We hear a voice that is very recognizable and we hear:

“Chewie We Are Home”

Han and Chewie

Then a shot of Han Solo and Chewbacca carrying his bowcaster and we get Chewie’s little roar.  It appears they are on the Falcon so could the whole mission have been, Han and Chewie witht he help of others were stealing the Falcon back from the Empire?

This scene to me was awesome and brought back so much nostalgia.  We haven’t seen the two best friends on screen in over 30 years and except for Han looking older, it’s a great shot.  I must say, Chewie has not aged a day in 30+ years.

So what did you think of this trailer?  I loved it.  We got so much in it, but still have a lot of questions as to how things are going to progress.  I know we are getting a new trailer in just about 2 weeks that will appear before the Avengers: Age of Ultron film.  I will do the same and break that one down after I see it.

Being a life long Star Wars fan, I applaud J.J. Abrams and what he has done so far.  I was very skeptical if this film would capture the fans the way the first 3 did.  From everything I have seen, it will do that and more.  Great Job and May the Force be with you all.




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