Ryan Gosling in Talks to Star in Guillermo del Toro’s ‘The Haunted Mansion’


“If you’re a bird, I’m a bird…” Oh wait, we’re not talking about Ryan Gosling in one of my favorite movies, The Notebook! We’re talking about him possibly appearing in the upcoming film, The Haunted Mansion. Here’s the scoop courtesy of the Hollywood Reporter~

Ryan Gosling is in talks to team up with Guillermo del Toro for a new big-screen take on the Haunted Mansion, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed. The Disney feature project is based on one of its signature theme-park rides.

D.V. DeVincentis, best known for his work adapting High Fidelity, currently is working on the film’s latest draft. Plot details are being kept in the basement, but it is described as a supernatural family adventure.

Del Toro and Disney have been developing the project, mostly under the radar, since 2010, when the filmmaker announced it at Comic-Con.

Disney and Gosling have been meeting for months, trying to find a project on which to work together.

The pairing of Gosling and del Toro seems ready-made, as both are huge fans of all things Disney. The two spent the past Oscar weekend at Disneyland riding rides including the Haunted Mansion, among others.

In fact, Del Toro is such a fan of the Haunted Mansion that he even has a room dedicated to the ride in his home — filled with secret bookcases, wallpaper from the original ride and original art from Imagineer and Mansion co-designer Marc Davis.

Gosling and del Toro’s budding friendship was evidenced as recently as March, when del Toro did a Q&A with Gosling on the topic of the actor’s directorial debut, Lost River, which opens this weekend.

Exciting news! Stay tuned to TMSM for more details as we hear them!

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