Today Is The Last Day to Catch Captain EO at Walt Disney World Before It’s Temporary Closure

April 9, 2015 , ,


At the end of March we shared the news that “Captain EO” would be closing temporarily in “mid-April” at Epcot so that Disney could use the  Imagination Pavilion theater to run a sneak peek of “Tomorrowland” that would also include special in-theater effects. At that time a date Disney did not release when the  last day guests could see Captain EO would be before the “Tomorrowland” change. Yesterday we learned that TODAY (April 9) is the last day to see Captain EO before the “Tomorrowland” theater preparation starts.

The seventeen minute long Captain EO stars Micheal Jackson and was executive produced by George Lucas. It opened at Epcot on September 12, 1986 and cost an estimated $30 million to produce. At the time it was made it was “the most expensive film ever produced on a per-minute basis, averaging out at $1.76 million per minute”. Captain EO is a 3D film about a crew delivering a gift to the  “The Supreme Leader” Angela Houston. When it originally opened it had 3D action that extended into the audience with imagery like lasers with impact, smoke effects, asteroids and starfields. Epcot’s version of Captain EO closed on July 6, 1994 and was replaced with “Honey, I Shrunk the Audience” on November 21, 1994. “Honey” played until the passing of Micheal Jackson, when Disney decided to bring “Captain EO” back to Epcot on June 30, 2010 where it has played since.

The current version of “Captain EO” includes a pre-show video that explains the innovations the movie had when originally released. It now uses the theaters new LED flood-lights, leg ticklers and seat shaking hydraulics that were installed for “Honey, I Shrunk the Audience”. The current version of “Captain EO” also no longer includes the starfield effect or in-theater lasers that it had prior to it’s 1994 closing.

A date has yet to be announced for when the 15-20 minute long “Tomorrowland” previews will start or end, but Captain EO fans and those who have never seen the movie shouldn’t worry. Disney has stated that “EO” will return to Epcot after the previews of “Tomorrowland” are complete. An exact date as to when “Captain EO” will return was not released but we will update you as soon as we hear something!

*In theater image from TMSM Fan Nation Member Lisa M.


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