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Love is something we wish we had a guidebook for. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the do’s and don’ts written down? Our answer is yes, and luckily, we recently realized that Frozen is our guidebook. No surprise here since our daily routine looks a little bit like this: eat, watchFrozen, work, watch Frozen, sleep, watch Frozen, repeat. We’ve realized that every time we watch Frozen we learn something new about love: whether it’s family-love, self-love, friendship-love, or romantic-love Frozen has it all. Here’s a small flurry of truths to add to your own guidebook:

1. Love always finds its way.


When it’s true love, you just know.

2. Love is unconditional.


A bond between sisters is unlike any other, it overcomes every obstacle (even if that obstacle is causing an eternal winter).

3. Your first love can be a learning experience.


Every experience, good or bad, is a reason to learn and grow.. However, watch out for dashing princes from the Southern Isles.

4. Love gives you confidence.


A happy heart leads to a happy life.

5. Love is worth melting for.


In fact, being willing to “melt” for those you love is really the best definition of the feeling we’ve ever come across.

6. Love is unexpected.


Anna and Kristoff are proof that some of the best loves are the least expected.

7. Love knows no boundaries.


After all, a family of trolls is still a family.

8. Love is healing.


Wise words from Olaf, “an act of true love will thaw a frozen heart.” Love can heal and so can relationships.

Which love lesson is your favorite?



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