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Happy Wednesday Main Streeters! It’s time for our weekly Florida living check in! Whew, it’s been extremely busy for us since last week, so lets get right to it!

Spring Break in Florida is in full swing. The parks have gotten super busy, and Easter isn’t even here yet. My boys had their Spring Break last week, which was a little odd. We’re used to having the week after Easter off of school, so this seemed really early for us. It might have been better that way, because the parks weren’t as busy last week, not like they are now. Being near Orlando during this time of year is great, because even though we’re close to home we can still go out and about and be active. Boy were we active! In the last week we’ve done Disney AND Universal, we almost need a vacation from their Spring vacation!

As I told you last week, I have a super cool new camera that I’m borrowing from Lenise at Kingdom Camera Rentals. I’m enjoying the camera so very much, and am really getting into taking pictures. I have always enjoyed photography, but now I get to do so with decent equipment. The other night I had gone back to the Magic Kingdom to try to get good pics of Wishes, and I did much better. We were sitting on the ground in the new hub area in front of Casey’s Corner and I was using my knees for stability, like my own little tripod, and it worked. It’s amazing what you can do when you try and put your mind to it. I also got to go get shots of the beautiful Easter Eggs at the Grand Floridian, it was fun. Do I think it will be a career for me? Oh heck no. But I really am enjoying looking at things around Disney through a camera lens. You really see things differently and pay attention to details that you might usually take for granted. It’s great!


Also in the past week, my friend Autumn (yes our admin/writer) was in town, and we hung out a lot in the parks. One new thing we tried was breakfast at Be Our Guest at the Magic Kingdom. Normally we don’t do fancy meals at Disney because we’re locals and we look at things differently now. But when friends or family come to town, we don’t mind splurging a little for the occasion. Breakfast was good, the atmosphere is amazing of course. It’s a little pricey for breakfast, I won’t lie, but we don’t do it very often. My husband had the croissant donut with the bananas and cream on it. It was really good, but at 20 bucks it was a bit steep. Especially when you can get the croissant donut at Epcot for 5 bucks, minus bananas. When we were vacationers down here we didn’t mind spending more, but when you live near Disney and frequent the parks you’re more aware of what things cost and try to watch the wallet a little more. But, breakfast was good and we all had a nice time! We spent the entire day at the Magic Kingdom, minus having lunch at Captain Cooks at the Poly and watching the Patio at Trader Sam’s being put together. That was cool to see, we just happened to be in the right spot at the right time. It was a tiring day but we all had a lot of fun.



It’s been a long and busy week, but overall it’s been good. Easter is this weekend and it’s our first one away from home. I’m not sure how I will feel, I’m hoping not too bad. Usually on Easter we get dressed up, go to church and spend the day with family and friends. This year is different of course. I think the first Florida holidays will be the hardest. It’s not easy being here with not many friends and our family being across the country, it gets lonely at times. But, I’m thankful for the friends we do have here, and know that my family supports our efforts and are only a phone call away. My parents are coming soon for a visit, so I’m looking ahead and getting excited for that. It’s all good! Well, that’s it for this weeks blog! If you haven’t had your Spring Break yet, I hope you all enjoy the time away! Also, I wish you all a safe, blessed and Happy Easter…. till next week, see ya real soon! ~M


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