TMSM Does Breakfast at Be Our Guest, Magic Kingdom


Yesterday, TMSM staff had the pleasure of having breakfast at the wildly popular Be Our Guest restaurant in the Magic Kingdom. I went in with an open mind, as I had read mixed reviews and conflicting information on what to expect at the new breakfast. Our readers have been asking what the real scoop is on the new breakfast, and now we have it!


When you first walk in, you are greeted by a Cast Member then directed over to an ordering screen. The touch screens allow you to go through the entire menu and order whatever you’d like to have for breakfast, including hot and cold beverages. Once you place your order, you head out to the dining area to find a table and get your drinks ready. After you have your drinks and are seated, Cast Members then come around with carts and bring you your order. One of this entrees we ordered was the banana and cream croissant donut, featured above. Yes, it was sinfully good!

A healthier option, featured below, was the egg whites and whole grain croissants, which were also good!


There are a lot of choices on the menu, including items for the kiddos like French Toast and Yogurt and Fruit Crepes, which I’d love to try. One thing that people found confusing was the pastry tray. To clarify, the pastry tray comes as one per complete order, not per entree. So, not every person gets a pastry tray, unless your order (and pay) separately per person and split it up. The pastry tray has croissants, mini muffins and a cinnamon roll or danish. All were very good.



The price per meal is $19.99, and that includes coffee, tea or a soft drink. Kids meals are $11.99 including a drink. Overall we had a very nice breakfast in a beautiful setting. When you’re done eating, you’re free to wander into the different rooms to take photos. Are you looking forward to trying breakfast at Be Our Guest, or have you been to it yet? Be sure to let us know, we appreciate the feedback! ~M



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