The Pirates of the Caribbean Have Been Pillaging and Plundering for 48 Years

From the Oh My Disney blog

The swashbuckling Pirates of the Caribbean (and the Blue Bayou) took Disneyland by storm 48 years ago, in March 1967. Our love for Pirates is strong: like Dole Whip, it is a must-do every time we visit the Park. We love to scream our way down the two waterfalls, marvel at the Davy Jones projection, and flinch with almost-but-not-really fear every time the pirates are in the heat of battle. To honor this Disneyland classic, we took a trip to the archives and found some of the original materials advertising the opening of this attraction:



We love the description on the poster: “A rollicking adventure with the boldest band of Swashbucklers to ever terrify the Spanish Main.” If that’s not fun, we don’t know what is. To top things off, we found this awesome video on the Disney Parks YouTube channel. It features Miss Disneyland Tencennial and Walt Disney himself showcasing the attraction models and telling the story behind the characters:

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