It’s time for our weekly feel good article, Thursdays Random Acts of Kindness! Here’s one from one of my favorite Cast Members! Michael is a CM at the Magic Kingdom, and works with some of our most cherished characters. Here’s what he had to say~

“It was my first set with Prince Ali and Princess Jasmine to start my day. I had cleared the line when a Princess came up to me and asked if she could see Princess Jasmine. Her mom was wearing a CELEBRATING button, which read “ONE YEAR CANCER FREE”. So I looked at the line and my watch, I then said to the young Princess just stand by me. I then took a brief moment and told Prince Aladdin of the situation. So I escorted them to the exit of their meet and greet. They were the very last ones Prince Aladdin and Princess Jasmine would see before heading to a meeting with the Genie. As Prince Aladdin came over, he looked on and we set sail to have the CANCER FREE PRINCESS and her little Princess FLY on the MAGICAL CARPET! The mom in tears, the little Princess smiled so BRIGHT it lit up the sky like a RAINBOW! As they got off the ride, and Prince Aladdin and Princess Jasmine said goodbye, I watched the Mom and daughter walk off holding hands and the little Princess yelled, “THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER!” As I walked in to clear the tears in my eyes, a guest came over to me and said “I watched the whole thing, and that was simply awesome! Best thing I ever witnessed”. As he gave me a fist bump. I’m truly BLESSED to work with such a MAGICAL CAST!” ~Michael Signorello

Cast Members like my pal Michael take those extra steps to ensure that a little bit of Magic goes a long, long way! It only takes a small act of kindness to make someones day! Thanks so much Michael for sharing another story with me, so I could pass it on to our Main Streeters! If you have a feel good story with a Disney twist, feel free to send it to me at [email protected]. I’d love to hear from you! ~M

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One thought on “TMSM’s Random Acts of Kindness ~ More Cast Member Magic!”
  1. To whom it may concern…. I want to share a little story about my youngest daughter, her Disney story and the wonderful cast member who gave this story a perfect ending.

    My Emma was in a bad head space a year and a half ago. We had a young girl living with us so we could help her out and did not realize she was bullying Emma.

    Emma is a perfectionist. She was an honour student as well as a competitive dancer, She is an amazing artist to boot. She has since graduated and is working towards saving up for her tuition for art school.

    NOW the story.

    Emma sent us a disturbing email a year and a half ago telling us she wanted to end her life. She explained how sad she was and that she could not take our situation with the girl anymore.

    With that, we whisked her off to Disneyland on credit cards and a prayer…. we had a wonderful healing trip. We promised we would find a new home for the trouble maker and made a few more promises to our youngest.

    When we returned home, we were true to our word. The next year was better to say the least…. and with my husband ending up in Anaheim for a conference…. we decided it was a good time to reinforce our promise and took our Emma to Disneyland again.

    One lovely Disney day, I was trying to find out where I could get quarters (as my daughter decided to continue with her penny press collection she has been adding to since she was 7), and I was directed to City Hall. O had to wait for a certain cast member as she was the one holding the key for the change drawer.

    As we were speaking, I do not know what came over me…. I started to tear up. I was actually very happy at that moment thinking about our long journey that brought us back to Disneyland…. and it just came out right there and then. The woman was concerned, of course, and I explained why. She was so moved that she moved to the side counter and asked to hear the whole story.

    She asked me to wait….. and I did.

    She returned with a few things. A ride voucher to skip a line up for any ride my daughter wanted to choose and a voucher for her favourite character doll, Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas. My daughter was thrilled when I caught up with her later that day and wanted to thank the cast member who was so generous.

    HERE is where it changed my daughter. We waited in the specific line up to see ‘my’ cast member. She recognized me and knew it was Emma that was with me. She grabbed Emma’s hand and told her how happy SHE was that Emma was still on this earth, how lovely she is and how glad she has DIsneyland in her heart. My 18 year old started to cry and we made a bit of a scene… but a happy one.

    Disneyland saved my daughter’s life. It was a place to reconnect with our girl while having a wonderful time. Every cast member touched her spirit without knowing her pain. They just seem to know the right things to say! We are forever going to be thankful to the woman who showed us that Disneyland could get even happier.

    Kristine Bourassa

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