Amazing Tangled Concept Art You’ve Never Seen

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As we have stated, we are big fans of the movie Tangled.  The Oh My Disney blog put this concept art for the film that has never been released before.

We don’t know about you, but concept art is one our favorite things to look at. Seeing how animators first imagined our favorite Disney films, and developing what characters would look like, is almost like accessing a little piece of Disney history. Since we love Tangledmore than life itself (no really, we do) we thought it would be fun to look back on some of our favorite pieces of concept art from its production:



“She doesn’t actually know that she is [a princess]. And as far as she knows, the outside world is bad, so she feels safe in [her tower]. She wants to be safe, and it was a problem until we actually started to let her have drive.” – Glen Keane (Art by Claire Keane)
Rapunzel and Flynn Rider
Art by Scott Watanabe
Rapunzel’s Tower
I really like the design, because it’s a more whimsical kind of a tower. It feels like a tower that you might find at Disneyland. It really fits that – the feeling of what the audience wishes Rapunzel’s tower would be like.” – Glen Keane (Art by David Goetz)
The Chase
Flynn Climbing Rapunzel’s Tower
Art by Andy Harkness
In the Forest
Art by Bill Perkins
The Castle
“A Disney castle is a group of towers, turrets, and buildings that are in a compact situation. A real castle tends to be more spread out. Disney castles are not defensive citadels. We were looking for layering. We wanted to put the castle on a hill, and we wanted our village to flow into the castle, and we didn’t want the castle to be so large that it became this oppressive monarch on the hill that these people could never attain, or even feel a part of. Our town’s not very large, so our castle isn’t really very large.” – Doug Rogers (Art by David Goetz)
Flynn Rider and Rapunzel
“Before, in earlier versions of the character, he was a big, very soft-minded-but-warm-hearted guy, and not as handsome as this guy!” – Jin Kim (Art by Jin Kim and Glen Keane)
Flynn Rider
Art by Kevin Nelson
Inside Rapunzel’s Tower
Art by Kevin Nelson
The Lanterns
“I love that these lanterns represent what Rapunzel wants, but even more that it’s a symbol of something inside every sixteen-, seventeen-, eighteen-year old. This bigger calling, this idea of independence, a huge personal leap of ‘Me becoming Myself.'” – Glen Keane (Art by Jeffrey Turley)
Flynn Surrounded
Rapunzel’s Walls
Art by Claire Keane
Rapunzel and Pascal


“Glen Keane originally wanted Rapunzel’s companion to be a squirrel – he felt like you can’t rub your check on a chameleon. But I really felt that for our girl, it would be something different.” – Mark Kennedy (Art by Glen Keane and Jin Kim)
The Village
“When I got on the project, they were trying to get a cross between Pinocchio and Cinderella. They wanted that thickness of Pinocchio, but they wanted the lyrical shapes, the graceful shapes of Cinderella. So I was trying to come up with a cross between the two.” – Mac George
Art by David Goetz
Flynn, Rapunzel, and Maximus
Art by Glen Keane
Flynn with Satchel
Tower Interior

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