Much Ado About…… Popcorn Buckets?? Apparently So!


We had previously reported that Disney Parks were releasing an adorable Cinderella inspired popcorn bucket to come out in accordance with the new live action Cinderella film. The popcorn buckets were to be sold at Disney’s Hollywood Studios as well as at Disneyland, and people were excited about them because they really are cute. I know I want one.. but at what cost? Let me explain….

The Cinderella popcorn buckets have been out all week, but they aren’t too easy to get. You have to time it right or get lucky. Why? Well… people are going in and buying them in mass quantity to turn them over for a profit! I’ve seen this happen before, people buying Park merchandise or grabbing special Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom Cards and selling them on Ebay for a mark up, but this has been an absolute frenzy. It’s ridiculous.

Someone posted a pic in TMSM Fan Nation of an unidentified man buying about 20 Cinderella buckets and tossing them over his shoulder. The word is he had two other people with him who did the same, and they all walked out of there with more than their share of popcorn buckets to resell. Sure, to them it’s all fine and good, but what about guests who just want to buy a cute popcorn bucket on their vacation but can’t because others are buying them all up for profit? Sure doesn’t seem fair, does it?

We’ve had Main Streeters write in, who had contacted Disney Guest Services to complain about what’s been going on. All this fuss and greed over popcorn buckets! Disney is well aware of the situation and are trying to get a handle on what’s been going on. Guests were told that Disney was originally allowing a maximum of 25 buckets per guest, per transaction, but that it’s hard to monitor who’s buying what throughout the day. Then today, another Main Streeter was told that they’re sold out of buckets, and they’d be back in a few weeks with a limit of two per guest. So what’s the real deal? I don’t know. But what I DO know is that it’s really sad that this is even happening, and that some are ruining it for others in the name of making a quick buck. Sure, I want a Cinderella popcorn bucket too, because Cindy’s one of my best Disney girls, and this is hands down my most favorite bucket that they’ve put out. Even cuter than the Mine Train bucket that they’ve had. But, will I get one? Not sure! Heck, I’d even buy two maybe, but to keep and put on display, not to hike up the price and gouge some poor person who really wants one. No way! I saw these buckets on Ebay starting at $40.00, through $65.00 or best offer. That’s crazy being that the buckets are only $13 in the Parks, $15 if you want them with caramel corn. They’re plastic, cute but not worth $65.00.

Now you can look at this two ways. Some have personal shopping businesses and this is how they make their living. Most only hike up the price to cover their cost and shipping. But some just buy up what they can and sell them at auction sites and such, not thinking about the bottom line. We had some readers ask, what about their child who is on vacation and just really wants a Cinderella popcorn bucket to remember their trip by? What about kids or adults who have their heart set on just ONE, but can’t get it because someone else beat them to it and bought them all up first? Like I said….. much ado over popcorn buckets! Show kindness, don’t ruin it for everyone else, it’s not necessary! I know Disney does their best to handle these situations, so we’ll be watching and waiting to see what happens next. I’m going to try to find out more information on these hot commodities and will report what I learn, so stay tuned! ~M

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7 thoughts on “Much Ado About…… Popcorn Buckets?? Apparently So!”
  1. I’m a former Castmember and this practice goes back a long way. Back in the day Disney closed Magic Kingdom and reopened for the Castmember Christmas party, only castmembers and their guests were allowed in the park. Along with the usual Christmas freebies castmembers got a special 50% discount on purchases for the evening. Well some people would go and buy sports collectables, with the 50% off,then take them the next day or two to sell to another collectable investor and enjoy their profit. Till Disney got wind of this then placed several stores on the black list for discounts. In the end the whole Christmas Party has been changed, for the better. So the greed factor runs deep in all.

  2. This doesn’t surprise me. When I worked at Disneys Animal Kingdom
    I was on the Surprise squad in 2006-2007.
    Everyday we were given pins to trade with
    Guests . Some of the pins had hidden mickeys
    On them . That makes them more collectible .
    But there were some guests who knew where
    We came on stage and were waiting everyday
    To grab those pins to sell on e bay. I would
    Go out other entrances to avoid those guests!

  3. I don’t understand why Disney would allow anyone to purchase 25 Popcorn Buckets (with or without the popcorn)?!!! I love my Disney World as I visit at least every other month for several days at a time, but this is on Disney because Disney is allowing it to happen. I was there the week the Cinderella buckets came out and could not fine one. Had a friend search for me days after and still nothing! Evidently it’s all about the $$$ for Disney and not the guest. Sad to say, but very true! Will I stop going to Disney? No Way!!! However, I will not go out of my way to purchase a Cinderella Bucket, not even for my Cinderella collection!

  4. It is a sad statement on our society. I was at MK in September at the height of the frozen frenzy. We had early reservations at the Castle and as we were exiting a cast member had to quickly usher our party back in to the restarant to avoid the throng of adults pushing their way past to get to Princess Hall. Really people, I’m all about the magic but there are limits that you should set for yourself and remember it’s not just your kingdom!

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