New Disney Pandora Available Today!

March 12, 2015

This morning the Disney Store has released park exclusive and non park exclusive Pandora charms and we want to give you a preview of them! Also available online this morning (at least until they sell out) are the 2014 bead collection and Pandora charm bracelets. Below you will find an image of each Pandora bead available through the Disney store and it’s name below.
To order yours visit ! This years long up has beads, spacers, and safety chains as well as several Pandora Disney Bracelets rings, Silhouette Bracelets and earrings available for purchase.
Per the Disney store there is a limit of 3 of each charm per guest. Prices range from $45-85. 

7501055890012Mickey Mouse Portrait Charm $50

7501055890009Mickey Mouse ”Americana” Charm $60

7501055890015Mickey Mouse Headband Charm $50

7501055890008Mickey Mouse Dazzling Earrings $65

7501055889997Mickey Mouse Silhouette Ring $60

7501055890005Mickey Mouse Silhouette Bracelet $65

7501055889996Mickey Mouse Silhouette Earrings $55

7501055889995Mickey Mouse Silhouette Charm $45

7501055890017Mickey Mouse Safety Chain $75

7501055890013Minnie Mouse Portrait Charm $50

7501055890014Minnie Mouse ”Minnie Bows” Spacer $40

7501055889983Minnie Mouse ”Minnie Mania” Charm $60

7501055890016Minnie Mouse Headband Charm $50

7501055890019Minnie Mouse Silhouettes Charm $70

7501055889986Minnie Mouse Sparkling Bow Ring $70

7501055889994 Minnie Mouse Sparkling Earrings $60

7501055889985Minnie Mouse Sparkling Bow Charm $60

7501055889993Minnie Mouse Sparkling Bow Earrings $75

7501055890018Mickey and Minnie Mouse Forever Charm $55

7501055889984Mickey and Minnie Mouse Safety Chain $65 (Park Exclusive)

7501055890032Snow White Dress Charm $65

7501055890033Snow White Apple Charm $70

7501055890034Snow White Tiara Charm $55

7501055890035Snow White Signature Color Charm $45


Ariel Dress Charm by PANDORAAriel Dress Charm $65Ariel Shell Charm by PANDORAAriel Shell Charm $70
Ariel Tiara Charm by PANDORAAriel Tiara Charm $55
Ariel Signature Color Charm by PANDORAAriel Signature Color Charm $45
Belle Dress Charm by PANDORABelle Dress Charm $65
Belle Enchanted Rose Charm by PANDORABelle Enchanted Rose Charm $70
Belle Tiara Charm by PANDORABelle Tiara Charm $55
Belle Signature Color Charm by PANDORABelle Signature Color Charm $45
Cinderella Dress Charm by PANDORACinderella Dress Charm $65
Cinderella Heart Charm by PANDORACinderella Heart Charm $55
Cinderella Pumpkin Coach Charm by PANDORACinderella Pumpkin Coach Charm $90
Cinderella Wish Charm by PANDORACinderella Wish Charm $75
Cinderella Tiara Charm by PANDORACinderella Tiara Charm $55
Cinderella Signature Color Charm by PANDORACinderella Signature Color Charm $45
Elsa Dress Charm by PANDORAElsa Dress Charm $65
Elsa Crown Charm by PANDORAElsa Crown Charm $70

7501055890048Elsa Signature Color Charm $45

Anna Dress Charm by PANDORAAnna Dress Charm $65
Anna Crown Charm by PANDORAAnna Crown Charm $70
Anna Signature Color Charm by PANDORAAnna Signature Color Charm $45

7501055890047Frozen ”Let It Go” Charm $35

7501055890043Frozen Snowflake Charm $70

7501055890044   Frozen Snowflake Dangle Charm $65

Disney Princess Crown Charm by PANDORADisney Princess Crown Charm $70

7501055890036Tinker Bell Charm $55

7501055890037Tinker Bell Signature Color Charm $45

7501055890011Winnie the Pooh Portrait Charm $50
Eeyore Charm by PANDORAEeyore Charm $50

''RunDisney'' Charm by PANDORA”RunDisney” Charm $45 (Disney Parks Exclusive)

7501055889981Walt Disney World ”Cinderella Castle” Charm $60 (Walt Disney World Park Exclusive)

7501055889978Epcot ”Spaceship Earth” Charm $ 50 (Walt Disney World Park Exclusive)

Disneyland ''Sleeping Beauty Castle'' Charm by PANDORADisneyland ”Sleeping Beauty Castle” Charm $60 (Disneyland Park Exclusive)

California Adventure ''Mickey's Fun Wheel'' Charm by PANDORACalifornia Adventure ”Mickey’s Fun Wheel” $65 (Disneyland Park Exclusive)




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