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If you have ever seen the 1983 film, WarGames, you know one of the memorable lines from the computer Joshua was “Shall We Play A Game?” and that is a good quote for the February 2015 Loot Crate.  This crate dealt with all things related to playing.  I’m sure most gamer’s are fans of this crate and I myself loved it.

Let’s get to the review:




The first thing up that I looked at was the DIY mini munny.  This is a really cool things to have.  First off, i’m a Disney Vinylmation collector, so these little figures I just think are so cool.  With this one, you can decorate it to go along with any theme you can think of.  It comes with markers to decorate it, but you can use any paint, stickers or whatever you can think of.  A great DIY for someone who wants to create something on a 3D image.


Next up was a New York Times bestselling book, Ready Player One.  This book is a thrilling sci-fi adventure that is set in the not too distant future.  The book, which is being turned into a film, has been hailed as Willy Wonka meets The Matrix.  The book takes you to a dark society whose unlikely hero’s race to uncover the secrets and power of a virtual utopia shaped by the pop-culture geeks of the past.


Here we have an Loot Crate exclusive.  This SUPERFIGHT card game from SKYBOUND Games, is a fast paced card game that puts Super Heroes up against Super Villains.  The results this game comes out with are hilarious and a great game to play at a party.


Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock (R.I.P. Leonard Nimoy).  Ok so this game doesn’t include the Lizard or Spock, but I wanted to some how pay homage to Leonard Nimoy after his passing.

This velvet bag includes 2 dice that allow you to play the classic Rock, Paper Scissors game, that kids of all ages have played for decades.  This game is said to date back possibly 2,000 years to China.  Either way, it’s the simplest of games for 2 people to compete against one another. Rather than use the traditional hand gestures, now players can roll the dice and see who can win the best out of 3 games.


I finally have a HEX Bug. This mechanical bug can freak out anyone who comes in contact with it.  Not only can it scurry across the floor, but if it gets turned upside down, it can flip itself back over.  This could be the early from of Ultron, Avengers better be on the look out.


This mini poster brings back SO many memories for me.  Growing up a child of the 80’s, I had an Atari system.  I played the games like Space Invaders, Donkey Kong, Pitfall and the classic Yars Revenge to name just a few.  There is no game that stands out more in my memory than Pac-Man.  Before he got married and had Jr., Pac-Man chased after the 4 ghosts.  Eating his power pellets and consuming the ghosts when they were blinking.  This mini poster is a great image to frame and hang up.  I promise, if you or your friends are familiar with the 80’s gaming, you will love this.


Familiar with the online game, firefly?  Well Loot Crate subscribers received a special code to unlock a premium ship in the game.  With the code you get to buy and command Loot Crate’s “Overland transport”.  This is only available to subscribers and just one of the many great things we get each month for being a subscriber.


Of course as always we got this month’s mini button which to me is becoming a great collectible to have.  In the monthly magazine, we got 2 great stories.  The first about Co-op games and how they are good for you and also the history of game controllers.  Just looking at the 2 pages of controllers, brings me back to my childhood.  Check them out:



The last thing is the box and magazine have all the pieces and instructions for your own unique board game.


This was a great month’s crate and each and every month I love getting these.  I can’t wait till I get the final email that the Loot Crates have been shipped, because I know it’s going to be here quickly.  If you haven’t signed up yet for the monthly subscription, I highly encourage you to do so.  If not for you, everyone has a gamer / geek in their life that will absolutely love this.  The cost of a crate even with shipping is under $20 for 1 month.  If you subscriber to more months, the price goes down.

As if you really needed an excuse to subscribe to Loot Crate, but if you are a fan of Agents of SHIELD, or if you like the secret spies then you have to get the March crate. This one is called Covert.  Here is the description from Loot Crate themselves:

Calling all Agents of Loot!: We’re entrusting you with this top-secret (until now) intel: March’s Loot Crate is a dynamite, jam-packed collection of COVERT operations! Among the assets we’ll be delivering are an EXCLUSIVE, officially licensed Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. replica collectible (complete with certificate of authenticity!), a Loot Crate Exclusive Orphan Black item and an EXCLUSIVE t-shirt (not black!), plus much more! So study the mission and get ready to embark on an adventure in March!

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Thank you for reading my review, the next crate is due out in just 15 days, so subscribe today and next month you will be enjoying your crate rather than just wishing you ordered it. Use this link to order now:

Thank you Loot Crate, can’t wait for next month’s COVERT

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