Happy Wednesday Main Streeters! It’s time for our weekly check in, to update you all on what’s been happening down here in Florida. Well, we’ve had some crazy ups and downs in the weather, got to visit with some friends, and the Flower and Garden Festival started too! Lets talk about it!


Things are pretty good this week. As I sit and write this blog, I’m feeling pretty content, and for those who know me, that’s not always something that happens a lot. I’m usually worried about something or have a lot on my mind, but today is a good day. The Epcot Flower and Garden Festival kicked off this morning and we headed over to take some pictures and check things out. I’ve always seen the pictures of the topiaries and flowers from the festival, but this year I actually got to go. Can you believe that after all of my years being a Disney girl, I had never been to the festival? It was overdue. We only went over for a half day because I needed to pick up the boys from school, but those few hours were so much fun. The flowers look and smell wonderful, the topiaries are just magical to see, and the food booths all look fantastic. Watch for more blogs in the next few days to get the complete rundown. I can’t wait to bring the boys back to Epcot, the Flower and Garden Festival is a must see!

I got ahead of myself, I was so excited about today that I talked about that first! I need to backtrack to last week! As I said before, we went to check out the new hub area at the Magic Kingdom. Well, the other side is open now too, and it’s looks beautiful. After having lunch at the Contemporary on Monday with some friends, we ran over to get the full hub view and weren’t disappointed at all. It’s so nice to see those green construction walls finally down, and the area looks so spacious and pretty. Disney did a great job! Just gotta get Walt and Mickey out of that box next!


Last Friday evening, I had a business meeting at Paradiso 37 over at Downtown Disney. My friends Shannon and Carl were both in town, and we met up with other work associates as well. The weather was really chilly that night, but the meeting went very well and a good time was had by all. It’s great to meet new people too, and discuss our mutual plans to work together to continue to move up in the Disney community. This year so far has been a blessing, and I’m so excited about the future of TMSM! Hang in there guys, more great things are coming! Oh, and as far as Paradiso 37 goes, the food is great, and their Margarita Sangria swirl drink is awesome! I’ll be going there again sometime for sure!



With all the new things going on here, between our Disney reporting and activities for Off TMSM, we’ve been super busy. But, busy is good! Busy means we have more content to bring you, so I’ll take it! I can’t thank you all enough for reading our updates each week, your support means the world to us! That’s it for now, but check back next week for more adventures in Florida living! Till then, wishing you all lots of blessings, hugs and pixie dust… See Ya Real Soon! ~M

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