Star Wars Weekend Galactic Gathering Catalog Gives Us A Sneak Peek at SWW Merchandise

Yesterday we reported that Disney had announced that the 2015 Star Wars Weekends would have a “Galactic Gathering” package, similar to 2014’s “Rebels” package. The “Galactic Gathering”  will be held on 5/14/15  from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., and tickets to this event are $250 per guest. We learned yesterday that Gathering ticket holders will receive a special MagicBand, trading pin, lanyard and popcorn bucket as a part of their package.

Today the merchandise catalog for the “Galactic Gathering” was released online and it includes several of the items for general public purchase. The catalog shows us that there will be a random selection process and a pre-order option on select items. We are assuming the random selection items will be available to all SWW guests in Darths Mall.

The first items we are excited about are the Dooney & Bourkes that seem the be the same pattern offered at the runDisney Star Wars event several months ago with some slight changes to the handle coloring . They will be available in Tote&Wrislet (200 issued retail $448); Shopper Tote (retail $278); Letter Carrier (retail $198); and Wristlet ($98). Also available will be the Mickey Mouse as a Jedi (Edition 2500) and Donald Duck as a Jedi (Edition 2500) MagicBands for $29.95 a piece, limit one per guest.

The Pin collection this year is impressive. The Annual Passholder pin will be a limited edition of 5000 pins and will retail for $15.95. The Star Wars Weekends 2015 Logo pin will be a “photo-reel insert” pin that will glow in the dark and is a limited release retailing at $14.95. The New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi pins will be a set of two hinged pins for each movie with editions of 3900 retailing at $15.95. The These Are The Droids You’re Looking for Mystery set will have 2 pins in each “blind” box. The 17 pins are sealed in bags and the set will feature two Chasers, one with a edition size of 400 and another of 200, these will retail for $19.95. There will also be four “Jumbo” hinged pins retailing at $24.95 featuring Jabba’s Sail barge, Slave 1, the Millennium Falcon and an AT-AT, each design will have 2300 pins available. The 3D sculpted Death Star Lanyard Metal with an edition of 2900 and will retail for $29.95. The Helmets pin set retailing at $89.95 will have 1000 sets released and features 6 helmets seen in the Star Wars Universe. The Tiered Pin Set includes the 3D lanyard medal, matching pin, and three Star Wars Weekend Classic Pins, 900 of these will be sold at $100 a piece. Rounding up the pin options will be the framed pin set for $375 with only 300 being sold.

Galactic Gathering participants will be able to pre-order vinylmations. The Series #5 Vinyl set that features Biggs Darklighter and Jek Porkins. There will be 1,500 of these blind editions available and guests have a 9 in 10 chance in getting Biggs and there  is a limit of 2 per guest, these will retail at $16.95. The Series #5 Blind Box Tray will be an open edition featuring 11 different commons and one chaser per set. There will also be a blind series released each weekend starting with Weekend 2. Weekend 2, 3 and 4 will feather two 3″ vinyls in edition sizes ranging from 1500-2500 and and  Weekend 3 will feature 1000 sets containing a 9″ Death Star and 3″ Death Star Trooper.

Also shown in the catalog are several Gathering participant only items like the Galactic Gathering name tag, cell phone case in iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy 5, Gift Card with Carrying case and the Red and Green Lightsaber Magicbands.

If you are unable to view the photos below in high quality the PDF catalog can be found here.






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