I read this on the Oh My Disney blog and was able to relate so much, I had to share it with all our readers.  How many of you can relate to this?

We took our cues from Peter Pan and refused to grow up, but as it turns out, staying a kid at heart doesn’t stop you from growing up on the outside. Stumbling through life pretending to be capable adults has plenty of downsides (people expect you to do unsavory things like “pay taxes” and “not sleep in until 2pm”), but there is one place where being a grownup is actually the greatest thing ever, and that place is in a Disney Park. Allow us to explain why:

1. You can do literally whatever you want.


Want to eat three Dole Whips for lunch and then ride Space Mountain eight times in a row? You can totally do that, and no grownups are going to tell you that you can’t, because suddenly, somehow, YOU are the grownup. That’s pretty magical.

2. Your adult-sized stomach means you can eat more park food.


Never again will you have to agonize over forsaking a churro because you’ve already eaten three Dole Whips for lunch (see above). You’re an adult, for crying out loud. Eat the Dole Whips AND the churro and don’t apologize.

3. Longer legs mean faster strides to get to the next ride.


This becomes critically important when you want to cover the most ground possible. Leave the pitter-patter of adorable baby steps echoing in your wake—you have rides to go on.

4. Your needs are few and simple.

Food And Wine Festival

Kids are demanding, high-maintenance creatures, fond of rubbing food on their faces and insisting upon regular naps. We grownups, on the other hand, only insist upon occasional naps… and when we enter the turnstiles of a Disney Park, we are single-mindedly focused on having as much fun as possible. Our low-maintenance adulthood helps facilitate that.

5. You’re tall enough to ride everything.


The days of spiking up your hair and standing up so straight it hurts to gain those last few inches are over. Do a carefree limbo under the height checkpoint and revel in the fact that you are tall enough to do whatever you want (within the limits of the law. Don’t get crazy).

6. You’re (slightly) less likely to cry during the scary parts.


Dark rides all have that one scene—you know the one we’re talking about—that’s a tiny bit terrifying. Kids tend to lose it at these points, but your grownup bravery makes you fearless, or at least better at playing off your terror as allergies.

7. You have a new appreciation for the little things.


From a kid’s perspective, it’s all about the obvious stuff: the castle, the characters, the colorful fireworks. Now that you’re older and have developed a keen eye for detail, you can appreciate the impeccable theming and details in each land, and all the other tiny things that make Disney Parks immersive and magical.

8. Your logical adult mind lends itself to strategy.

WDW Attractions Lifestyle Shoot

Your fully matured cognitive capabilities enable you to strategize showtimes and plan Fastpass return times as though you’re some sort of wizard. The sheer amount of stuff you can pack into one perfect day defies explanation.

9. You get to be a kid again.


Think about it: kids get to be kids all the time. We grownups, however, sometimes have to fool people into thinking we’re real, responsible adults. That can get… old, so we’re always looking for excuses to relive the wonder of childhood. Disney Parks give us the perfect playground to experience that magic again.

What’s your favorite thing about being a grownup at a Disney Park?



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