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This week’s article is a little different. The parks have been busy lately and I’ve encountered a few adults who were lacking manners. This article is a teen’s perspective on dealing with bad manners.

For example, I was waiting for the Festival of Fantasy parade in front of the castle when a lady thought it was okay to try and push me out of the way. Now, we staked out our place early and I was even kind enough to let my siblings and a few other small children to stand in front of me. During the whole parade I had to deal with this lady pushing me and then at one point trying to use my shoulder as a tripod. I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but children are not a tripod! I may be shorter than you but that doesn’t mean you can rest your camera on me during the parade! Please treat me how you would treat your own child.

Another thing that bothers me is people who use their strollers as battering rams. I understand that it is hard to move sometimes but there isn’t really a need to be ramming through the crowds; especially into children. I don’t need bleeding ankles when I leave the park! Even if it is a total accident, a simple “I’m sorry” would keep me from being super upset. I can handle a few bangs and bumps, but if one of my smaller siblings got hit by a stroller, it could seriously injure them and make for a very unhappy experience. Please be mindful of your stroller and remember to use your manners and say “excuse me” or “I’m sorry” if you accidentally hit someone.

Adults, please remember your manners, not just in the Magic Kingdom, but all the parks. It’s okay to let a small child stand in front of you during a parade. It’s okay to say “I’m sorry” when you push someone. Just remember to treat others how you would like to be treated. I’m a teenager and it’s uncomfortable when adults are constantly pushing me, so I can only imagine how it is for my younger siblings. Yes the parks are very crowded and at times can be very frustrating, but please remember we are all there for the same reason, to have fun. Please don’t take the magic away from anyone, especially small children. Please remember your Manners in the Magic Kingdom.

About TMSM’s Teen Perspective Writer Gabby Adani:
”Hi Mainstreeters! I’m Gabby and I’m going to be writing about Disney from a teen’s perspective. But first let me tell you a little bit about myself. I’m 13 years old and have had Disney Annual Passes my whole life. Disney is literally my second home. I’m an honors student and enjoy school. My favorite sport is volleyball. I play for both my middle school team and the YMCA. I am also a huge fan of Star Wars.”


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