*So many of my friends and family at home are in the depths of winter, looking for a warm break. I know this feeling all too well, it’s rough! I wrote the following blog last year at this time, looking out the window at a snow covered lawn, doing a little Disney dreaming. I hope you enjoy it! ~M


I’m sure you’ve heard people talking who have “Disney Depression.” You know these people….. you may be one of them. Folks who haven’t had a Disney Fix in a long time, and are itching to get back to the Magic of being on Disney Property. I know I get this way, especially this time of year. If you live in the North, then you know we’re kind of stuck at the in between phase, Winter “should” be almost over, Spring weather “should” be almost here, and we’re experiencing unpredictable weather. It’s rough. It’s depressing. What can cure the blues, besides dreaming of Disney? Not much! When it comes to depression, there are people that might get addicted to substance and the professionals from inpatient rehab santa clarita can help overcome this issue.If you need other options, you can also opt for a  detox in philadelphia.

So, being that we’re blue and missing Disney, what do we do about it? Do we plan a Disney trip, or just go hang out in the local Disney Store for awhile and pretend? Going to the Disney Store is cheaper, but it’s a temporary band-aid on what we’re longing for. In a perfect world, we could just visit Disney whenever we wanted to, and get that happy fix on a regular basis. I wish that were the case. Isn’t is funny how Disney can do that to us, make us long to be there like we do? Is it that “magic” that I’m always talking about? Maybe so!

Sometimes, looking at vacation photos or watching Disney specials on tv makes that Disney Depression worse. I know for me, when I catch Disney shows on Destination America, it makes me long to be there even more. I’m telling you, the people who do the marketing for Disney are brilliant, because it works! I don’t know any other destination that can make you truly miss being there, from deep inside your heart. Disney tugs at your heartstrings, it makes you “homesick” when you can’t be there. Yes, it’s depressing when you can’t visit your favorite Disney destination, but it’s almost magical too. The Magic that is Disney keeps us coming back for more. It makes us plan our next Disney vacation when we’re just getting home from one. It makes us long to be there, and do whatever we need to do to save up and get back to the Parks asap. Heck, that magic makes us want to pack up and move there, people do it all the time! But if one is facing depression in real life, they have high chances of getting addicted to drugs, and they ought to visit best drug treatment center in tennessee

Even though it’s that time of year, where we’re longing for warm weather and Mickey Mouse, we can still hold out hope that we’ll get to see that beautiful Castle at the end of Main Street USA soon. Part of the Disney life is to keep dreaming, and not lose hope of our hearts desires, even if it’s just a magical vacation that we’re longing for. So, we can all dream together, share memories, and fight that Disney Depression with others who get where we’re coming from. You’re not alone if you have the Disney “blues” right now, you’re in good company! Here’s to looking forward to achieving our goal of visiting the Main Mouse this year, and keeping that magical hope alive!


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