TMSM’s Random Acts of Kindness ~ Magical Friends Make for a Magical Day!

It’s Thursday night, and time for our weekly feel good article, Random Acts of Kindness with a Disney spin! This week is all about some magical friends that I made through The Main Street Mouse, and how kind the were to ME this week! Like I’ve mentioned previously, last weekend was my first birthday being away from my family. My friends here in Florida were concerned about me, and wanted to give me a Disney surprise to make sure I knew that people care down here! Really sweet, right? Let me tell you all about it!


After a super busy weekend, being on the go Friday and Saturday, Sunday morning I was happy but exhausted. My husband told me we needed to head out, once again to the Magic Kingdom, to meet up with a business associate. I was tired, so I wasn’t in a huge hurry to get ready. I couldn’t figure out why he was hurrying me along, I thought he’d be tired too! So, I got myself together, got the kids ready, and off to the Magic Kingdom we went. It was getting close to 3:00 so I knew the park would be crowded due to the parade. We walked in and he suggested we go up to the top of the train station. We usually don’t go up there, but I went along. To my surprise, when we got up the stairs, there was a whole group of friends waiting for me! Oh gosh, I couldn’t believe it! They all yelled SURPRISE, started giving me hugs and wishing me a Happy Birthday! It was the nicest thing! Come to find out, some of them got there hours before, and staked out a prime spot for me to watch the Festival of Fantasy Parade, front and center. I even got a crown to wear for the day. Talk about feeling loved!



The parade is amazing from the train station, we really enjoyed it. Afterwards, we headed down to get me a birthday button to wear for the day. One of the CM’s working up front wrote my name for me, and actually was familiar with the site and said she followed along. So of course she got a big thank you hug too! It’s such a humbling thing to hear, as we love our Cast Member extended family! Speaking of Cast Members, when we stopped in to Cosmic Ray’s to eat, a large group of Cast Members came over and gave me a birthday song. I was so grateful, the day was going great. We spent the evening riding rides, went into Philharmagic, and had a wonderful time. We even had our own train on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, that was a blast, we were a rowdy group! Even though the day was fun and we all enjoyed ourselves, the best part of the day was the meaning. The kindness behind it was nothing short of magical.




Sometimes when you feel a little scared or alone, you get a beautiful reminder that there’s nothing to be scared of, and that you so are NOT alone. That’s what these people did for me that day. The move to Florida and settling in here has been an incredible journey, but has had it’s downside as well. It’s not always easy, and people aren’t always nice. However… on Sunday, multiple people told me the same thing at different times. They said I’m not alone, that I am loved, and that I do have a family here in Florida. All of them! Not only is that an act of kindness, it’s a blessing. I’m humbled and grateful for the amount of love and support that my friends here have given me, and I thank them all so much for that. I’m a lucky girl.

So, that’s it for this weeks blog. I hope I was able to give these friends the appreciation they deserve, because they’re awesome! If you have a Disney act of kindness you’d like to share, please let me know, you could be featured in a future article! Thanks again everyone, and until next week…. do something kind for someone else, you never know who really could use the extra magic! Hugs! ~M


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  1. This was a great article of what The Main Street Mouse does!
    I was lucky to be a part of the plan to surpise Michele for a B Day surpise!
    It was a fun day for all of us!

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