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Happy Wednesday Main Streeters! It’s time for our weekly check in, and boy oh boy, do I have a lot of things to tell you about! This past Friday the 13th was my birthday. Actually, it was the first birthday away from home, and the first birthday I’ve ever spent at Disney World! So let’s talk about the weekend, shall we?

Those close to me know I was dreading Friday, just a little bit. Every year, I always see my parents on my Birthday. Even when I moved out and got married, my Mom still calls me first thing in the morning and says “Happy Birthday, Birthday Girl!” Did I ever mention that my parents are the best? Anyhow, I was dreading the change. So, when I first got up on Friday, my phone rings and it was them. Did I cry? You betcha. I was glad to hear from them. Afterwards, I got online to find that I had TWO birthday blogs waiting, one from my husband, and one from my friends and family…. plus hundreds of birthday messages from Main Streeters. What a way to start the day! Next, my family gave me some Disney themed presents and we were off to start our Disney day. Our first stop was at 1900 Park Fare for breakfast at the Grand Floridian. In all the months we’ve lived here, we’ve never done a character breakfast, so I was excited. The food at 1900 Park Fare was awesome, lots of amazing choices, and I blew my diet for a worthy cause. Mickey waffles, cheesy eggs, omelettes, pastries, yogurt, fresh fruit…… oh my! The characters were fantastic too. We got to take pics with Pooh, Tigger, Alice, The Mad Hatter (who was quite LOUD and animated) and Mary Poppins, who told my boys they had proper manners! Before we left, our server brought me a birthday cupcake and they sang to me. Perfect! I couldn’t have asked for a better morning. Once we were done, we were off to the Magic Kingdom!




We got to the Magic Kingdom, and I finally got to wear a birthday button at Disney! It may sound silly, but it’s something I’ve always wanted to do! After walking in, and after a few Happy Birthday wishes from some Cast Members, I saw there was no line to visit Aurora in the front, so I headed over. I had to get a Princess picture! We walked around, went on some rides, got a Starbucks (where they also make a big deal over birthdays), watched Festival of Fantasy, and had a wonderful day. Disney really does it right when it comes to making guests feel special on their birthday. I’ve gone to Disney more times than I can count, but I have to say, I never felt as happy and special as I did that day. It was incredible. We ended our day at Chef Mickey’s at the Contemporary, and by the time we got home I was exhausted. So, I thought the day would be hard, but my husband and kids did a fantastic job keeping my mind occupied so I’d have a great day. And I sure did……




The following day, Valentine’s Day, we went over to Universal Studios to continue birthday weekend. They give you a button there too, but to be honest, only two employees actually said Happy Birthday, it’s not the same as Disney! The park was really crowded because their Mardi Gras celebrations are going on, so we didn’t get to do much. We closed out that evening at Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville at CityWalk, which is always a good time. That’s one of my favorite restaurants over there, it’s good stuff. The following day, I was told we needed to meet a business associate at the Magic Kingdom, and I was dragging a little bit from being busy all weekend. Well, come to find out, it wasn’t a business associate, it was a surprise party waiting for me at the train station! Yes, my Florida friends were all there! It really speaks volumes on who really cares about you when you see acts of kindness like this. They were so worried about me feeling alone being away from my family, and they made a point to make sure I knew they were here for me. What a blessing! Watch for tomorrow’s Random Acts of Kindness article for the entire scoop on that one, they’re wonderful!


So, that’s what’s been going on here in Florida. It’s been so busy here, but it’s been worth it. I want to thank ALL of you, friends near and far, for the Birthday well wishes that you sent. You guys really know how to make a girl feel special, and I’m so grateful for the amazing support and friendships. Also, a HUGE thank you to my husband Scott, for going out of his way to make my weekend the best ever, and for generally taking such good care of us every day! Thanks again everyone! Till next week, sending you many blessings, love and tons of pixie dust….. See Ya Real Soon! ~M

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