How Well Do You Know the Songs From Tangled?

February 16, 2015 ,

As most of our readers know, we are big fans of the film, Tangled.  It’s honestly one of my all time favorite Disney movies.  The Disney Playlist put out this quiz and being from my favorite film, decided it was one that needed to be shared.

Are you obsessed with Tangled? We are, and we want to put your knowledge to the test. See how many of these lyrics you can fill in from the movie! We’ll let you know how you did at the end.


1. “_____ _____, pet, mother knows best!”

a. Believe Me
b. Trust Me
c. You Know
d. You’ll See

2. “Then I’ll stretch maybe sketch, take a climb, ______ _____ ______”

a. Sew A Dress
b. Make A Mess
c. Play Some Chess
d. I Must Digress

3. “For like the first time ever, I’m _____ ______”

a. So Happy
b. Finally Me
c. Taking The Key
d. Completely Free

4. “Cause way down deep inside, I’ve got a _______”

a. Plan
b. Dream
c. Secret
d. Brain

5. “I just want to see the ________ ________ gleam”

a. Floating Lanterns
b. Sparkling Lights
c. Shining Stars
d. Bright Beacons

6. “And at last I see ____ _____ and it’s like the sky is new”

a. The World
b. The Stars
c. Your Face
d. The Light

7. “Skip the drama, stay with mama, _____ _____ _____”

a. Forget The Rest
b. Mother Knows Best
c. Don’t Leave Home
d. You Can’t Protest

8. “And at last I see the light, and it’s like the ____ ____ _____”

a. World Is Different
b. Sky Is Beautiful
c. Fog Has Lifted
d. Music Is Playing

9. “Flower, _____ and ______, let your power shine”

a. Grow, Bloom
b. Blossom, Grow
c. Glow, Bloom
d. Gleam, Glow

10. “____ will appear, just like they do on my birthday each year.”

a. Flowers
b. Friends
c. Lights
d. Birds

11. “See I ain’t as _______ and _______ as I seem.”

a. Cruel, Vicious
b. Mean, Angry
c. Tough, Scary
d. Rude, Ruthless

12. “All at once everything is different, now that I ____ ____”

a. Have You
b. Am Free
c. See You
d. Can See



1. b. Trust Me
2. a. Sew A Dress
3. d. Completely Free
4. b. Dream
5. a. Floating Lanterns
6. d. The Light
7. b. Mother Knows Best
8. c. Fog Has Lifted
9. d. Gleam, Glow
10. c. Lights
11. a. Cruel, Vicious
12. c. See You

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