Wendy’s Grand Fantasy (Disney) Giveaway, Word of the Day, Day 1 Week 2!


Wendy Williams has started week two of her Disney Vacation Giveaway, and we’re watching and reporting so YOU can enter! As we told you previously, the Wendy Williams is hosting a Disney Vacation Grand Fantasy Giveaway for the entire month of February. Here’s how it works, each day Wendy will announce her word of the day, which we will supply you with each night in case you miss it. Then, you go to the contest page grandfantasygiveaway.com and enter with the word each day. There is a different trip being offered each week for the month! Stay tuned to TMSM for the word of the day each evening, we’ll be watching for you! Good luck!

Mondays Word of the Day is ~ RELAXATION

Be sure to check back tomorrow for Tuesday’s word! Thanks for playing along with us!

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