It’s that time again Main Streeters! Have you overheard random silliness while standing in line at a Disney Park? How about when walking around or at your favorite restaurant? We sure have too! The past three editions of this fun series were great, so I thought we were due for a fourth installment! So without further delay, here are even MORE funny things overheard while at Disney, enjoy!

“Whew, you sure smell like beer!” ~ A man said this while picking up his two year old in line at the Haunted Mansion. I really was waiting for the kid to have a witty comeback, but it never came.

“Tomorrow we’re going to Animal Kingdom to ride the rapids at Kilimanjaro Safari.” Overheard at Epcot while waiting for Spaceship Earth. Better get the white rhino’s a tube, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

“You’be been bugging me all week. I’m ready to get on a plane and head back home, but then you’d just complain for 18 hours straight there too.” A Grandma saying this to her Grandchild blowing a fit over not getting yet another souvenir at Mouse Gear. Poor Granny reached her breaking point!

“I heard that Disney is buying out Universal, and there will be a long train ride from the Magic Kingdom over to the Wizzarding World of Harry Potter. I can’t wait for that!” Keep waiting, not happening.

“Did you know that you can get a spiked version of LeFou’s Brew at Gaston’s Tavern if you ask for it? It’s two dollars more I think.” Hmm…. interesting. Yet not true. Unless there are Cast Members who keep a flask of booze in their pocket and run a side business back there.

“The Sorcerer’s Hat is being taken down because too many people protested it being there, so Disney finally gave in.” Oh man, you hear all KINDS of things near the hat deconstruction sight! Too many to name!

Now, here are some entries that Main Streeters have sent in!

Cindy B~ My favorite was “I can’t believe there’s so many strollers here. Who brings little kids to a place like this? ” then proceeded to ask me if they were heading in the right direction to Dumbo.

Olivia D~ Favorite thing I overheard, when I was entering the Haunted Mansion line and this family approaches the cast member standing near the entrance and asked if this was the line for the monorail.

Tori G~ As an ex CM I have hundreds of these! One of my favorites was a woman over in the French pavilion at Epcot. She said to her friend: “Wow, is that the real Eiffel Tower?” Her friend replied “don’t be an idiot…” and I was about to think ‘good on you’ when she added “the real one is in Vegas!” What?!

Lydia S~ I have heard people talking several times over the years about getting pics with Sponge Bob… LOL!

Alicia P~ “Why are all these people here? Does no one work?!” Ummmmm you’re here too…so….

These articles are all in good fun, just like our “Don’t Be That Guy” blogs. Sometimes it’s good to laugh and not take things so seriously! I appreciate the feedback we’ve gotten, keep it coming! If you have funny submissions and have overheard amusing things while at Disney, please tell us in the comments! You could be featured in our next edition! Thanks for reading, and keep those ears open! ~M

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4 thoughts on “(Funny) Things Overheard While Standing in Line at Disney, Volume 4!”
  1. Unfortunately, I caused something that was overheard, by many. A cast member kept telling the woman and daughter in front of me to “Continue moving towards the middle”. It’s something we all hear quite often, but this woman kept ignoring her. Meanwhile the line behind me was growing. The cast member said it three more times before I finally said to the woman, “You need to move towards the middle, so that we can all fit”. The woman complied but gave me the dirtiest look then said loudly to her (perhaps 12 year old) daughter, “Just ignore her, there are people in this world that are just horrible and we can’t do anything about it.” I was like “WTH?!” I almost bit through my tongue, trying to keep my reply in check.

  2. We were sitting in the Dawa Bar area in AK and sharing a table with a very dignified elderly gentleman. Apparently, he was a rather well-to-do man. He commented about how run down everything in AK had gotten since his last visit. I asked when he’d last been there and he said it had been about fifteen years earlier. At the time we were chatting, AK was celebrating its 10th anniversary, so I knew he couldn’t have been there fifteen years earlier. I commented that the run-down or aged look at AK was actually part of the theming in order to create the atmosphere of Africa in the area where we were sitting. He looked at me with a stunned expression and said, “You mean to say they actually PAID to make it look like this?” Well, um, yeah! I always smile at the memory of this conversation with this sweet old fellow.

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