Aladdin Diamond Edition To Be Released October 6, 2015

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Keep your hands and arms inside of the carpet! We’re going to be able to own Aladdin on Blu-ray! Vaulted since January 2008 in the United States, when the Diamond Edition of Lady and the Tramp was released, the trailers had Aladdin fans believing that the Blue-ray would be released in Spring 2013 only to have it pushed back.

This week Disney released two trailers for the upcoming release and the following information “the film will be coming to Blu-ray, digital HD and Disney Movies Anywhere on October 6.”

Disney has not released any details on what the Diamond Edition  special features will be but when we hear more information we will update you. We will also update you when the Disney Store releases the Blu-ray for pre-sale as we will be actively crossing our fingers and sprinkling pixie dust that the Disney Store will offer up some Lithos  with pre-purchase in honor of the passing of Robin Williams.

Also available in Diamond Edition in 2015 will be 101 Dalmatians releasing on 2/10/15. On 4/20/15 both The Little Mermaid and the Jungle Book will be returning to the Vault this year.



Trailer Courtesy of Disney Diamond Edition and Movies Coming Soon Youtube Channels.

Image of Original Release Poster.

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