Things Overheard While Standing in Line at Disney, Volume 2, Main Streeter Input!


We recently had a fun blog go out, about conversations overheard at a Disney Park while you’re standing in line or walking around. Little did I know, a lot of our Main Streeters had some good ones of their own that they heard as well. Some readers asked if we’d make a series about this very topic since it’s so light hearted and fun, and I decided to use some of their input for part two! The following quotes have been sent in by Main Streeters, regarding funny things they’ve overhead at the Parks, read on to enjoy!

Jennifer D. ~ “This is AWESOME!” “We have to come back without the kids more often!” exclaimed this couple in line!

Belinda C. ~ I heard a woman telling her family that they would use their Disney passes for Sea World tomorrow, and go to the Harry Potter rides with them the next day. Really?

Angala F. ~ Getting off of Star Tours I heard the sweetest little girl turn to her mom and say in a serious little voice “he wasn’t a very good driver was he?”.

Mindy B. ~ “Why are there so many people?? You know I hate crowds!” Heard that one at the Port Orleans Riverside food court. I’d hate to have heard them in the parks!

Liz P. ~ “Does that EPCOT ball come down in hurricanes and how do they put it back up? ”

Angela M. ~ We were on the Safari ride at Animal Kingdom when the father of the family sitting beside us was telling his young son that most of animals were not real, they were robots! The poor little boy insisted to his dad that they are real, but his dad told him no, they can’t be because Disney can’t take care of that many animals.

Cathy S. ~ One we will always remember… My 18 yr old daughter and I were going into the bathrooms near Rapunzel’s tower and a little girl behind us walks in and says “oh I love what Rapunzel has done with the place!”

Larry C. ~ While standing in line at Pirates, I heard the guys behind us say that Walt is buried underneath, and the clue to that is the “digging” sound you can hear while waiting for the boat. All of them were in agreement that it’s true, and that people just try to cover it up so no one gets scared.

Amanda Marie ~ Kid -“Mommy I just want to sit down” Parent – “no you can sit all day in the car tomorrow!”

James M. ~ I overheard someone say that Rapunzel and Flynn to a meet and greet in the bathrooms! The other person just asked if the characters were IN the bathroom or standing outside the door where you walk in!

These are just a FEW of the great submissions I received from Main Streeters who also heard some good ones while on Disney Property! If you have a funny or cute quote you overheard from another guest while visiting a Disney Park, please send it to me! Your quote might be featured in a future article! I hope you enjoyed this, and I hope it made you smile! Thanks again everyone for your input! ~M

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6 thoughts on “Things Overheard While Standing in Line at Disney, Volume 2, Main Streeter Input!”
  1. My four year old niece said this to me, in a nice loud voice, as we entered two separate stalls in the ladies restroom before entering Disneyland: “Do you have to poo too Nina?” As I answered “no” i could hear a few ladies laughing, so I high tailed it out of the stall so they could see I was in and out quickly! 🙂 (my niece is now 21 and we still act this out when we go to the restrooms)

  2. Heard in AK couple pointing to a warthog and telling their kid – “look honey, it’s a baby rhino!”

    Heard in the Clydesdale stables at Sea World (not Disney I know but still) woman to her husband – “oh look honey, they have a baby Clydesdale” while looking into the stable where they keep the donkey mascot.

  3. (In line for Gaston) Little girl dressed as Belle – “Who’s Gaston?”
    Mother- “Remember, he’s the prince from Beauty and The Beast!”

    Me- Can I trade you blah blah for your Duffy pin?
    Cast Member- …….I…I don’t know what a Duffy is….

    “Bro-our suitcases touched, it’s like best friend destiny!”

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