New Construction at the Magic Kingdom, Partners Statue in a box!


Yesterday there was buzz about some changes regarding the hub construction at the Magic Kingdom, so we headed over earlier today to check it out. Well, there was indeed some MAJOR changes as far as the hub construction is concerned, the biggest change was that the Partners Statue is covered by a large box. There are construction walls all around the area where the statue is too. Nothing has been worked on yet, it’s just blocked off.


The bad part, obviously, is that guests can’t see or take pictures near the beloved Partners Statue. Yes, Walt and Mickey are boxed up, so that’s not fun. In order to get a picture of the Castle with no walls, you have to go past the construction area behind the Statue. The Cast Member standing by just said it was temporary for the construction, but that was it. Some say it’s to protect the statue from the construction that’s going to be done, but I can’t confirm that one either. Stay tuned to TMSM for further information as we hear it! ~M


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